Today I’m going to reveal something very powerful to you for your wealth!…

Get this, I mean really ‘get it’, and you’ll snowball yourself into incredible success this year…

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This is your wealth formula, COOL?

My Top Tier BusinessSo to get into things, first let me tell you what happened today that reminded me of this powerful wealth strategy:

I got sucked into the YouTube time warp earlier today, and came across ‘The Voice’ Channel that I am subscribed to.

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s sorta similar to the whole American Idol type model. Incredible singers competing for the big music contract etc…

Well, this week they start the Mentor phase. This is where the top contestants mentors bring in famous songwriters, Grammy award winners, and other Legends in the industry to help them work on their vocals and presence…

Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5 brought in Aloe Blacc as one of the mentors…

And it’s what he said that reminded me of this today:

As the contestants walked in and paid their respects, he said: “You are now battling against the old you, you are going to go out there and Present the new you…”

Now those words, especially the first half, are literal, Gold.

Are they competing against the Grammy award winners, the people on the top of the charts, the best performers in the world?

No, they are not…

They are in a competition against themselves, The old version of themselves.

And each week, all they need to do in order to win is beat the week before’s version of themselves.

This is an incredibly effective way to go about building a profitable wealth business online too, and it’s been used by many successful mentors of mine.

Don’t, I repeat DO NOT compare yourself with others!…

You don’t know their circumstances, what time or money they’re able to invest in their business, their skill level, influence and so forth… Just don’t dabble in that game.

All you do each week and month, is to beat your previous best.

Last month did you only get 100 leads?

This month try to get 200.

The next 500.

The next 1,000…

This month did you only reach out to 10 new leads a week, and offer to help in their business?

Next week do 5 a day…

This week did you only invest $50 in paid traffic?

Try to do $75-100 next week and see what happens…

You get the point here right?

Once you start to compete with yourself, just trying to beat your own personal best…

My Top Tier BusinessWell you’ll be more happy, more profitable, and you’ll start to build up MASSIVE MOMENTUM in your business, and yes, you’ll even start hitting the leader boards, and people seeing your success will wonder what the heck you’ve been doing!…

Yet, It all starts with what Aloe Blacc told his mentors:

“Today, you will start the battle against the old you.”

Take this strategy and seriously roll with it…

It’ll give you such a release when you’re not comparing yourself with others results.

And it’ll give you something realistic and tangible to test and track each week, which is important as well.

And…if you need a strategy and system to allow you to continuously and profitably improve each week?

I suggest you check out the system I use here:

Best of success,

My Top Tier Business







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