Total Shortcut SystemYou Have Enough Technology To Take You To Space. Are You Using It?

You have the most powerful tool ever created waiting for you to use it, and you don’t even realize it.

Here’s a little perspective for you using computer code.

Computer code is instructions that humans give computers to run.

For example, your average iPhone app runs 40,000 lines of code that tell it what to do when operating.

But that’s nothing compared to the first space shuttle.

Space Shuttle Columbia ran 400,000 lines of code when it launched.

And that was in 1981.

The most technologically advanced fighter jet in the world today runs 24,700,000 lines of code when it’s flying.

But that’s nowhere near how much code you use every day.

Total Shortcut SystemFor example, Facebook runs 61,000,000 lines of code.

We aren’t done yet, because that’s nowhere near the program that runs the most code.

Google runs 2,000,000,000 lines of code.

That’s billion with a b for those of you who lost count.

It’s also 5000 times more code than the original space shuttle used.

But what does all this mean for you?

  • Every day you use 5000 times more computer code than was needed to travel to space.
  • And you aren’t earning a single dime with it!

The good news is that you can put that powerful code to use with a simple moneymaking system called Empower Networks “Total Shortcut System.

Total Shortcut SystemEmpower Networks “Total Shortcut System gives you a step-by-step system, as well as all the posts, swipe copy, and all the tools that you need…

The affiliates get sales commissions without ever closing a sale or dealing with long payment processing.

And they do it all from their own computer.

That’s the power of the modern internet for you. Quit missing out and take advantage of the most powerful tool we’ve ever known by joining Empower Networks “Total Shortcut System.

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