Without A Vision, It’s Just Work

  • I’m convinced that people who settle for a middle of the road lifestyle, do so because they do not have a clear vision for what they’d like their lifestyle to be.
  • I believe most people do not work hard, because they do not believe their work is leading them to anything visionary or special.
  • I believe people who work hard at a job that does not get them closer to their dream, do so because they believe it’s what they’re “supposed to do”.

Out of a sense of obligation.

And I believe the only way out of these negative work habits is to develop a clear vision of what you want your life to look like.

Evelyn Van Der Harst, a single mom from Adelaide, Australia, had a vision.

After raising her daughters and struggling through some tough times, Evelyn set out a clear vision for the next half of her live…

  • She wanted to work just a couple days a week
  • She wanted to travel to exotic lands
  • She wanted to be her own boss
  • She wanted support from the company she worked for, like the support of a family.

Using this vision as her guide, she found VBS, and, well, you can watch this video and determine for yourself…





I have been with this company since its inception in November of 2011 and I will tell you this…

David Wood and the rest of the team have consistently improved the ease of use, the overall quality of the blog, and most importantly, our ability to earn from this venue.

I myself have earned $8,731.24 using this business and I am sure that you will to if you have the vision and are a person that is wanting success enough to do the work necessary to get things done.vision

Now, I am not saying it will be easy, but I am saying that if you are serious, it is very possible. I am here to help my team, unlike some of the other business owners out there…

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