Why Working Hard Only Leads To…Working Hard

Most online “entrepreneurs” are, of course, just wannabes.

Like in any industry, 80 percent of the people will never take any action.

Only 20 percent…sometimes less…will ever get off their butts and do what’s necessary to change their life.

So, if you’re in the 80%, you don’t need to read the rest of this because it doesn’t apply to you.

But if you’re in that 80% you’re probably not even reading this, so…

But if you’re in the 20% who actually take action and implement and do the stuff…then this might be for you.

Because, unlike the folks who never do anything, you might be doing too much…or doing the wrong things.

I consider myself a do-er, and I’ve been caught in this trap myself.

Do-ers mistake action for productivity.

As long as we’re implementing and acting and following up and DOING the work, we can tell ourselves that “action will lead to results”.

Our problem is we rarely step back and think…should I really being doing THIS right now?

We just charge ahead…action will lead to results.

But, in reality, action just leads to …more action.

  • Our minds love to get in a groove…and just stay in the action groove forever.
  • Our minds are uncomfortable with changing gears.
  • Our minds are uncomfortable with reflection.

But we need to step back, often, and say, “What is best for my business?

Is what I’m doing actually leading me to the results I want to achieve…or it just leading to more action”.

Bill Bain, former CEO of Bain & Co., one of the most prestigious consulting firms on the planet, and notoriously “lazy” guy, used to say “Action drives out thought”.

What he meant was, if you’re always working, you never have time to reflect.

  • You never have time to strategize.
  • You never have time to seriously consider what you SHOULD be working on in the first place.

So you need a business that allows you time to reflect.

IPAS 2 is that kind of business.

If you’d like to earn $3000 commissions in just an hour or two a day…with plenty of time to reflect, strategize, discover and …well, just LIVE, then check out iPAS 2 today.



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