Do you want to know why it is so important to work with the right people in business my friend?

I’m going to share something with you today that can make you A LOT of money if you put it to use.

You see, I have undergone a few ‘transformations’ in my own growth over the last few years in business and within myself. And to share this lesson with you I’m going to let you in on a little bit more of my story!

When I was first starting out in network marketing…I was a total NEWBIE. I was wet behind the ears, had no clue what I was doing, no clue how to influence people, no clue how to be a good network marketer, build relationships, or do so many of the things that actually lead to success in this industry.

To tell you the truth, I started to get Desperate! It was almost like my feelings of self worth, and my identity, were attached to how successful I was in my business.

If someone rejected my business…I felt like they Rejected ME.

If someone signed up in my business, it made me feel better about myself.

Of course, there was a lot more rejection than signing up so you can imagine how I felt most of the time! Ahhh the good ole days.

So here I was, bumbling around like this for MONTHS on end in my business. Coming from the WRONG psychological state that actually creates success…and I ended up only attracting people to my business that were in an even worse off state than I was.

It seemed like every time I talked to a chiropractor, or business owner, or someone who I felt HAD influence…I would always bumble it up. I would always say something or do something that messed up the situation.

And you might know how it feels when you do that…you feel like you just screwed everything up! You feel like you might have just messed up your business forever because you missed that one great prospect!

(Haha, this is FAR from the truth. Even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time…there are more people on this planet to join your business than you could EVER sponsor…)

Eventually I just became ‘Traditionally Defeated’. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was so scared every time I went to prospect another person who I didn’t know or who didn’t want what I had to offer…that I just couldn’t do it.

I was completely ineffective. But from that…an AMAZING thing happened. ‘I started seeking solutions’…

I DID NOT give up on myself. And there’s something powerful in that statement so let me repeat it in a different way.

After 10 months of total and miserable failure…I did NOT give up on myself. (hint about success)

Instead, I sought solutions. Now here’s where the REAL psychology gets interesting…

I eventually learned that I needed constant and steady lead generation to build my business and that using technologies like the Internet are HANDS DOWN the easiest ways to do that.

But, it wasn’t like my success just sprung up instantly because I had that realization. In fact, looking back at it, there was this ‘Crucial’ development period that MADE ME into the entrepreneur I am today.

Looking back…I see that SO MANY of the experiences I went through in the beginning of this industry, and even internet marketing, were really there to help me build my value.

I was learning so much from these experiences, growing so much from my PROLONGED effort and pursuit of knowledge in our industry… that my own ‘VALUE’ just started to increase and increase.

All of a was Easier for me to talk to people who had more influence. All of a sudden, it was easier for me to hop on the phone and influence people MYSELF.

The more my OWN value grew inside…the more I found I could network with and influence other POWERFUL people.

And make no mistake my Friend, you will be MUCH more successful if you go after people who are more influential and powerful than YOU are.

The reason why is ONE very strong leader…can build a larger organization than if you signed up 100 not so strong leaders. It happens ALL the time.

The key to ALL of that though is this…you have to develop yourself to that level FIRST if you want to attract someone like that to you!

You have to fill yourself with so much value…that it’s apparent to everyone who is around you just how much you can offer them.

I did this by becoming an AVID student of technology, marketing, mindset, leadership, self growth, and many other things.

I literally DEVOTED myself to developing in all of these areas, and before I knew it I was ‘naturally’ networking with the BEST OF THE BEST in this industry. Other leaders were naturally choosing to work with me and join me in business because they saw firsthand just HOW MUCH I actually had to offer them.

The funny part is, before the Internet I had no background, no internet marketing experience, no business history to boot… I had absolutely nothing.

I entered this industry knowing no one and nothing about how I was going to be successful.

It’s a funny world right? Who would have known you can basically learn a few key principles, put yourself out there on the Internet, and completely change your life in less than a few years.

Well, that’s what YOU have staring you in the face.

When you really LEARN these principles about attraction marketing, relationship building, and ‘MindSet’…you can use the Internet to gain more exposure for yourself than you even think is possible.

I’m living proof.

So the moral of the story here today is this…

– You NEED to learn what REALLY creates success in our industry. And it’s not 3 way calls or your friends and family…It’s the science of ‘Becoming Attractive’ and having ‘Endless Prospects’. (trust me…that’s it.)

– There is a science to learning attraction marketing…and a lot of it has to do with developing yourself.

– And if you stay COMMITTED to your long term goals and visions, it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to NOT start creating more success if you simply apply the new knowledge you learn.

Oh, and to top it off, the internet is hands down the fastest way to reach unreal success in this industry that there is. Hands down, no question, that is fact. I am the proof.

So what I have prepared to HELP YOU do all of this much quicker, is a training that details exactly how I have done everything I do online.

You can learn more about this training here:

My Online Business Empire (MOBE)

The quickest way to learn something new is to learn from someone who HAS BEEN THERE and done it before. And as far as I know… there are FEW network marketers that have really learned how to use technology to build their businesses as big as I have, and in as short of a time period.

Once you have this same knowledge in your hands…you will know exactly how to start growing your business like a SCIENCE, and can escape the madness of ineffective tactics once and for all.

You can learn more about all of that here:

My Online Business Empire (MOBE)

I hope you enjoyed my story today my Friend, and took some real value out of it. If you follow your heart and soul in this industry…it will take you to some amazing places.

The thing I feel the MOST fortunate about today…is that almost ALL of the relationships I have built online with my closest business partners…are BEAUTIFUL friendships as well.

These are people I can honestly say I have LOTS of love for, I cherish their company, appreciate them as people, love to be around them…and look forward to knowing them all for the rest of my life.

That gift in and of itself is one of the most beautiful things to me. And I have met ALL of these people networking online, and building businesses online, just over the past few years.

My Online Business Empire (MOBE)


My Online Business Empire














Leave me your comments below. Also, make a decision in your own life and educate yourself by clicking on the link below:

My Online Business Empire (MOBE)






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