MTTBOK. Likely you’re saying to yourself, “What!?” People working from the internet, productive?

Yes, you’re right.

Most of us are not productive.

98% don’t even do anything!

Why do you think this is? People chalk up it to just procrastination, but what’s the REASON for doing that?

Here’s what I think.

  • For one, I believe people put off doing most of what’s required to succeed online because they’re afraid of rejection.
  • Either from people making fun of what they’ve done, or what they created wasn’t successful. Rather than be creating a product, doing an affiliate promo etc…
  • They’re afraid of failing even at low-risk stuff. (Really, most are afraid of spending $5.00 on an ad and  have it not *convert*. $5.00! They’d rather grab another course instead for $97.00.)
  • They’re afraid of not being ‘accepted’ by the marketplace.
  • And they’re expecting Perfection of themselves.

One more thing I’ll mention that’s a big one, and that is, people look at this business and they have no real structure of workflow.

It’s like going to work for an engineering company and on Day 1 all you’re shown is your desk, and are told to get straight to work.

No direction, no to-do’s, many options TO start, but no specifics.

“Am I starting the right project? Will it fail? Will I be laughed at?” – All these things come up.

Make sense?

Listen up, in order to succeed online you have to flip everything you learned in school completely around backwards.

It’s not Pass/Fail.

It’s Fail/Succeed.

MTTBYes, failing is a straight A+ grade online.

It means you’re taking action, looking at what you learned from the failure, and making the next try even better.

Success means realizing Perfection isn’t needed nor possible.

Massive Imperfect Action Taking is the KEY!

And yes, you need some structure to your day. You need a set of clear daily rituals that you religiously follow and adhere to.

And 80% of that daily ritual will need to be focused in on Marketing your business to a paid offer that will make you money.

Like the high converting MTTB offer for example:

It’s not an easy road to success, that’s for sure. But, it’s those first few steps that are the toughest, believe me. And know that it’s completely worth it, 100%.

Want to make that start WAY easier on yourself?

One of the things I love so much about the MTTB System is that it allows you to short-cut these ingrained ‘failure mechanisms’ we all have in us.

MTTB accomplishes this beautifully because the product is already created and proven to be loved by the marketplace.

With MTTB, all of the hard work has already been done for you.

All you have to do is plug and play into the MTTB system.

And that’s the easy and fun part. AND the most profitable!

I wish when I had got started in this business that there was an offer like MTTB that allowed me to simply send easy traffic to it and get $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 commissions in return.

In recap, most don’t succeed because they don’t take any action. They don’t act because of the fear of failure and lack of structure. This MTTB product allows you to by-pass all of that and jump straight ahead to success.







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