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Oh boy. I just saw this on the news…

A popular christian rockstar was convicted of hiring a hit man to murder his wife. (Really!?)

And, turns out he was Atheist.

He was trying to be something that he wasn’t in order to get sales and profits as a christian rocker.

Wonder how good this guy sleeps at night!

Now what this guy did is pretty extreme.

However, I know of MANY people online that are trying to paint a picture of themselves as being someone that they’re not.

And whether they realize this or not, they’re not fooling anyone.

And here’s the kicker:

  • WHY?
  • Why do this in the first place?
  • Let’s take the Home Business industry for example.
  • And let’s say that you’re just starting out.
  • Now, who would you rather follow?

Someone who is making 7 figures a month, has a staff of 15, spends over $100k a month on advertising, and has loads of big guru buddies.


Would you rather follow a guy that got started in this business just a few months before you, he’s tracking what’s working for him and what’s not, and he’s sharing it all with you?

He’s not making 7 figures, but he’s figured out a way to start making a little cash, and his monthly income is only growing.

If you’re like most, you’d follow this last guy.

The other guy you just can’t relate to. He’s already “big”, and has “made it”.

Yet this other guy, now he’s your Huckleberry!

He’s sharing his journey, his experience with you, and you get to learn from his mistakes and profit from his winning techniques that he’s sharing with you.

You can see yourself following his path to success much easier than listening to some bigwig preaching to you from his penthouse on what you need to be doing.

So the lesson is this.

Don’t try to be a “Guru”.


Start from where you’re at, and share the journey. The ups and downs, the good, bad, and the ugly.

People will love you for it, they”ll follow you, and your business will grow like nothing else.

Try to play the game as something you’re not, and you’ll be like the other 99% out there failing right now.

I don’t know if you are indeed at guru status right now, or, are at day one in starting your online journey.

Either way, people from all walks of life and experience levels are succeeding massively right now with this program (MTTB):


A cool benefit is you’ll get added to a private Facebook Group, where a lot of REAL, and, really successful people, are all in there sharing what’s working and what’s not.

MTTB, it’s awesome, and I hope to see you in there and inside the MTTB program.

Catch you later,












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