What You’re Probably Doing All Wrong…

There’s a few fundamentals to doing this business right, and most of us get it dead wrong

Picture This: You’re in the market for a new car. A Mercedes Benz. You know the make, the model, the color, right down to the heated seats, you know every little detail that you’re looking for in the car.

So you pull into the dealership and out walks Roy, your beloved salesman for the day.

Right away, you don’t feel like you’re going to be in good hands.

Roy is pimpin’ a bright purple suit, his tie is yellow and blue, oversized, and studded with little bright flashing lights.

And as soon as you open your car door you hear his obnoxious voice. At the top of his lungs he’s telling you about all the details of the cars there.

He cares not of what you say, and keeps rambling on trying to show you one car after another.

At the end of it all, you see the car you want, you have the cash to buy, but you WON’T buy from this guy because he is doing it all wrong!

So you head on to the car lot around the corner, or at best, you find a more suitable salesman to deal with at this lot.

On the flip side, if you were looking to get a mid-level car, say a Honda Accord, and you drive up to this car lot, you may be turned off if the salesman has slicked back hair and is donning a $5,000 suit with a Rolex to match.

In this case, it’s just too much. You’re out for a deal and you don’t get the “feeling” that you’ll be getting that here.

These two examples here can be applied very aptly to online business, and it’s where most get it all wrong.

Because online business is really nothing more than simply, a salesmanship in print.

So think, if my online marketing and brand were a salesman in a suit, what whould I look like? What would I sound like?

Would you be like some sleazy and cheesy salesman?


Would you be perfectly appropriate for your customer? Does your marketing add value, is it helpful, does it make your prospects feel comfortable dealing with you?

Almost more like you’re not a salesman, but more of being their, Trusted Adviser.

And THAT is where you want to be.

Most are out there in our marketplace screaming and pounding their chest at how great they and their products are.

None of this is needed, or, effective.

Stand out from the crowd, be that “stand-up” sales guy, and you’ll run a VERY PROFITABLE business.

Next, you’ll want to look at what type of clientele you want to attract.

Yes, you can and should attract your dream clientele and aim to repel the rest.

Some actually like the hype and hollering, but that isn’t me.

And if you’re like me, you like to work with people that are serious about doing this business. People that will actually take action. They won’t pester you around the clock and expect you to do every little thing for them…

And ironically, not only is this a much easier and rewarding type of clientele to attract and business to run, but it’s MUCH more profitable as well.

And this system is where I point my target market to get their start:


And if you’re serious about running a lucrative online business that can bring you large commissions, in a very short period of time, then I’d suggest you check it out too.

If you take heed of the tips in this message today, and “pair” it with this system?

Then you’ll be well on your way to running a nice 6-7 figure business on the side, or whatever it is you are looking to achieve here.

View the presentation here:


You’ll see several case studies out of many that are doing exactly that!

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