Every Now And Then The Heart Wants To Speak…And You Should Listen!

You know…it’s been a little while since I have let some things flow from me to you …and there are A LOT of new people reading this right now who may not have heard all that much from me on the subject of Mindset in the past.

But what I have to share with you is literally what I consider to be the most important thing when it comes to building a successful business…and FAR MORE important than that…just being SATISFIED in life.

Watch this video:

Now that word means a lot of different things to a lot of different people and I’m going to be BRUTALLY honest with you here my friends.

I’m not one of those people who will ever tell you that all you have to do is ‘think positive’ and all of a sudden cash is going to be showing up in your mailbox.

To me…that kind of thinking is cheap.  It’s CHEAP to me to think that all I need to do is think a certain way and all of a sudden I’m going to get everything I want.  That has NOT been my experience at all.

But there is an entirely different MEANING to the word mindset that I want to talk with you about tonight…and I’m going to do it by sharing a little bit of my story.  And make no mistake my friend…this information TRUTHFULLY IS what separates the few who succeed from the many who don’t.

Being a successful entrepreneur largely comes down to one thing… ENERGY.  And we’re going to talk about this ‘energy’ in many of its different forms soon.

But what I mean by that is this…

It takes ENERGY to create success.  It takes ENERGY to do the things you need to do on a daily basis that are going to result in cash flow for your business.  It takes ENERGY to be able to overcome obstacles, rise above challenges, endure defeats, and the MANY other things any successful entrepreneur will have to do over the course of their business.

If we don’t have an adequate amount of energy to be able to do ALL OF THIS on a daily basis…then we are not going to thrive in the world of entrepreneurship.

Don’t let anyone tell you that entrepreneurship is NOT competitive my friends.  When there is money to be made ANYWHERE there are a lot of people who are trying to make that money.

So who do you think stands apart from the rest?

Do you think you can just roll into the game of entrepreneurship and be ok?

Do you think you will flourish and thrive in the home business industry if you’re just ok?

What I have noticed is that even people who are ‘ok’ don’t get very far when it comes to being a real entrepreneur.  To be a real entrepreneur you need to OPERATE at your peak potential.

You need to be operating at your BEST, and what that means is, you need to be accessing all your RESOURCES when it comes to having the energy to operate at your best… and do the things you need to do, to create success in your business.

So let me ask you a question my friends, Do you think you will be able to operate at your best if you are angry or sad all day long?  Or even if you’re angry or sad during a few days a week… do you think you will be able to operate at your best?

Do you think you’ll be able to operate at your best if you go around and think you’re stupid or unworthy if you try something and it doesn’t work?

Do you think you’ll be able to operate at your best if you take it personal each time a lead you call in your business treats you nasty?

The answer is obvious…of course we can’t!

And the whole point of this is to show that in order to really OPERATE at our best…we have to ‘FEEL’ a certain way.

We can’t go around feeling negative, feelings that DRAIN US of our energy… and expect to be able to do more work than the person next to us competing for that new distributor.

We can’t expect someone to sign up with us if we get on the phone and feel low energy, or scared, or anxious…and then they get on the phone with some competition who is confident, cool, and unattached.

The ‘Science’ of this internal world and how it creates or destroys our success is what I’m referring to as ‘mindset’ my friends… and it’s drastically important when it comes to the world of entrepreneurship.

So I can hear you saying “ok Virgil, that makes sense… but what next?  What do you do from here?”

And here’s where I can share with you my personal story.  You see, I was met with some serious challenges when I first started my business that could have EASILY caused me to NOT be where I am today.

I was met with the choice of either RUNNING from the problems I was experiencing in life, running from the feelings I was feeling about myself and the world… or FACING THEM and finding what awaited me on the other side.

If I ran from them… I would not be here today.  I would not have survived this journey.  But since I didn’t…I can be here to share with you what it was that caused me to overcome many of the obstacles I faced…and break through to create some pretty serious success in this industry in a short period of time.

So here is what I have observed…

I have observed that the most crucial thing there actually is to creating success is not to go after your ‘Money Goals’,

It’s not to drill into your head, “I need money money money.” That’s not going to get you over the hump.

The most crucial thing to TRULY DEVELOPING yourself into being an entrepreneur capable of creating mammoth success is this…

Having a very real and earnest desire to UNDERSTAND yourself, to know yourself, and to GROW before anything else…is by far the most important quality one can have when it comes to self development.

We cannot be ‘into self development’ because we want something out of it.  We cannot be into Growing because we think there is some ‘goody’ waiting for us on the other end.

That motivation will never take you where you want to be.

We need to shift our motives and focus right now to EARNESTLY wanting to understand more about ourselves…and to wake up to WHAT WE REALLY ARE… if we want to maximize our own ability to grow.

When those are our motives…you will find growth happening in your life like wild fire.  You will find people, places, books, events, teachers, situations… happening to you ALL the time which are each pushing you further and further into your own empowerment.

And empowerment is this my friends.  Empowerment is when we actually WAKE UP!  Empowerment is when we actually SEE how powerful we really are.

Empowerment is when we totally REALIZE the limitlessness of our OWN being.  It’s when we see once and for all…that we are NONE of the limiting beliefs, thoughts, or emotions we took ourselves to be…and we are instead something so much greater, larger, and magnificent that it takes our breath away.

That is empowerment.

And when we come from THAT PLACE in everything we do…you are one heck of an entrepreneur.

When you tap into the ‘Uncontainable Love’ that you actually are…the infinity that you actually are…then creating success in ANY business becomes a whole lot easier.

All of a sudden, you have energy to make videos for video marketing all day long.

You have energy to call prospects all day long.  You have energy to write articles all day long.  You have as much energy as you need to do all the ‘mechanics’ of building a business because you have tapped into the unlimited power that is already inside of you, as we speak.

Not only that…but when you truly come into empowerment you realize you are HAPPY and SATISFIED no matter what really happens in the external world!

No longer does something OUTSIDE OF YOU dictate how you feel inside.  Someone can be mean to you on the phone, say a stupid comment on youtube…

Your boss could be a jerk, the economy could go into a recession…and none of it matters.  Do you want to know why?

Because you’ve found the place inside of you that is BEYOND IT ALL.  You’ve found a place inside of you that is satisfied and happy…because it KNOWS ITSELF for what it really is.

And nothing can ever take that away.  Welcome home!

And this same power is available to each and every one of us as human beings.  We all have the same ability to know ourselves on this level, and live our lives accordingly if we so choose.

That is what I wanted to share with you tonight my friends, because I PROMISE YOU it’s this knowledge of myself that has propelled me to massive success in a short period of time on the internet.

If I hadn’t known this…

Then I might have listened to everyone who told me I was crazy for working 9 months straight, not making a penny, yet continuing to go on.

I might have questioned my abilities on the internet after working hard for 5 months straight online, yet still not having anywhere close to the income I needed to sustain myself and survive.

I might have gone out drinking with my friends when they told me I was weird, and asked why I didn’t hang out any more.  I might have felt like a loser as I sat home on Friday night while all my friends went and lived lives like other people would do.

But in fact…none of that mattered.  And the reason why none of it mattered is because I KNEW MYSELF as I actually was.

I knew myself as a limitless, undefinable being, that was capable of AMAZING things if I focused my energy on them.

So focus my energy is what I did…

And the results of YOUR focused and EMPOWERED energy…is nothing short of miraculous.  And that is what I want you to tap into and start sharing with the world.

Because as you get out there coming from this place of empowerment, and share yourself with the world using all the new marketing tactics that are available to you in our day and age… you can create as big of a network marketing business as you like.

I’m watching it happen with my own eyes.

So sorry to ramble on tonight my friends… but this was important.  This was a message that needed to come from the heart, and I’d be a fool to not pay attention to that.

Well I have to wrap this up because I have another appointment in 20 minutes!  I hope you took some good value out of this tonight…and if it’s what you needed to hear then that’s awesome!  If it resonated with you… that’s great.

If it didn’t make any sense at all and sounded like philosophical babble… then I’m sorry for taking up your time!

But be warned…you CAN expect more of this from me in the future.

Of course, I’m also going to continue talking about, and teaching, real marketing principles to grow your business, but I think if that isn’t complimented with a proper mindset education then you are missing big pieces of the puzzle!

Enjoy yourself tonight my friends… there is an INFINITE amount to enjoy.

This is direct from Virgil Cook himself, on what mindset means for the development of your business. I hope you enjoyed this as Mindset is the key to success in this industry.

Just another reminder that you are an amazing being and when you see that about yourself you are going to create far more success in this industry…

Have a GREAT Day everyone and I will see you all next time. Be sure to leave me a comment in the box below and share this with your friends.










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