We Get That Look A Lot…

A recent article over at Gawker, talked about the miserable experience employees are having over at Amazon…

Even the Part-Time workers.

They are saying that they feel miserable, trapped, exploited even…

Just because you work for a great web company doesn’t mean you’ll have a great work environment or lifestyle!

Part-timers contracted to work 35 hrs a week are found working 80+.

When they try to leave at 5:00, and actually ‘have a life’, somebody lures them in to stay- just a few more minutes.

And I think we all know what ‘just a few more minutes’ turns into.

That’s why it’s not uncommon to send an email out at 1:00 am and to get an immediate reply back.


When one among the many who frequently get fed up and leave the company applied for a j-o-b over at Microsoft…

Microsoft asked what their experience was at Amazon…

Without even making a reply, just looking at the former Amazonian, they say:

“Yea, we get that look a LOT.”

Maybe Amazon is getting picked on a bit here because MOST people are absolutely miserable at their careers.

They’d rather mow their front lawn with their teeth than go in to their jobs. Yet, they have to, they ‘think’, all because they know the bills never stop coming in.

But is this really necessary?

Is you current job the ONLY option available?

  • Do you have to be unhappy at wherever your at, at your job, bored, retired and stir crazy, young and realizing college isn’t ‘the bomb’ as you’d thought?…
  • Do you have to deal with a jerk boss that never gives you recognition? Do you have to kill yourself and your body in tough Service Work?…
  • Do you have to pound the doors and the keyboard for menial pay and lifestyle?…

I think NOT!

That’s why I’m so passionate about the times we live in, the opportunities that are out there, and the business that I run that’s enabled so many to leave that way of life for something much better.

Does something like that interest you?

Trust me, it’s not nearly as hard as you think, especially when you have a coach guiding you straight to success without the majority of the struggles.

If you’re ready for something different, for something better, then watch this exclusive video presentation and let’s get the ball rolling for you:


Talk soon,

We Get That Look A Lot

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