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Here is my story below:


Virgil CookVirgil is an active out-doorsy kind of guy that likes the mountains, high lakes (where the water is so clear he can see the bottom even if it is 100 feet deep), rivers & streams, sunny Caribbean beaches (not so much the western beaches with their breeze & fog), hiking through the tall Pine trees, or paddling the wood strip canoe that he built across one of those lakes. He is a camper, hiker, fisherman, and hunter, although he was never real successful at hunting, he just liked getting out there.

Virgil was the oldest boy in a family of four kids with one sister a little bit older than him. He was kind of a leader to his siblings growing up. He has been married twice and divorced from both. He has a daughter, a son, and five grandkids that he would like to be able to spend more time with and be able to give them the things that he never had. More than anything he would like to be able to help them whenever they ask and not have to ever say, NO!

Virgil CookVirgil has been in heavy construction where he operated large heavy equipment, did menial and hard labor type of work, drove semi-truck for many years both local and long haul. He spent 13 years as a semi-truck driver which ends with an accident that changes the course of his life forever.

Because Virgil has been active all of his life he has had a few bumps and grinds. In high school Virgil broke his ankle which would deep down be the cause of much pain throughout his life. Then again 23 years later he has another accident when he was blown off a load of lumber when he was tarping one of his loads in the freezing rain and in the dark. He would find out that he had crushed both of his heels and may never walk properly again.

Virgil CookHe is told that he will not be able to drive truck again, so after 20 years, it is back to school. Virgil is re-training in Electronics where he learns the inner workings of computers and how to use them. He lands a job now, driving a desk instead of a truck as an office manger in a plumbing shop, computerizing their business.

Because of his injuries over the years, Virgil has learned to put pain into the back of his mind and more or less ignore it so others do not feel the pain as he does. Because of this he is sensitive to other people’s pains and wants nothing more than to be able to help them in any way that he can to avoid pain themselves.

Virgil CookVirgil is part of the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation so he probably has not prepared himself for his retirement years as well as he should have, although he thought he was doing it the right way. However, along comes the recession when the economy took a dump and overnight he found out he had lost 50% of his retirement savings. Shortly after that he had to take a wage reduction and then the nightmare that nobody should ever have to go through so late in life, he was laid off from his now job of 20 years.

With no income and his bills piling up, he was forced into bankruptcy, about to lose his house to foreclosure, and for the next 5 years would gradually see everything he had accumulated over the years disappear. First it was his factory ordered pickup, then his comfortable camp trailer which at this time in life was like exchanging it for one of those beds with the pins you see in cartoons. After that it was one thing and then another until it was almost all gone. He finally had to sell his most prized possession which was his Harley Davidson motorcycle…

During this time Virgil had been dabbling on the Internet and learning some valuable skills like marketing and was even doing some coaching. You see, Virgil is just not a quitter and he is determined to find that ever elusive time and financial freedom, so he will be able to give those things to his family that they so much deserve and the memories of a lifetime that he will accumulate as well.

Virgil CookEven though Virgil is going through bankruptcy and has very little money because of that, and because he has taken early retirement just to have a steady but small income, he is using the Internet to help himself reach his goals, but he is also helping others by sharing what he has learned with them. He will find a way to get the necessary tools to find success wherever necessary. That is actually why he sold his Harley Davidson, so he could invest into another tool that would project him closer to his goal. Whatever it takes!

Virgil is still pushing ahead because he knows that because of all of his injuries over the years and because he can feel the pain that he used to be able to suppress when he goes camping now and has to sleep on the cold hard ground. He does not want his life to end this way and he wants to make sure others do not have to go through life this way either. He does not want to end up in some cheap nursing home somewhere wilting away and never seeing the mountains or high lakes again until he just dies.

Virgil CookVirgil has found the solution to that kind of life’s end, while working on the Internet. He has found that by helping others learn how to use the Internet and to market online, not only will Virgil prosper, but anyone that Virgil shares with will be able to prosper as well. If Virgil can ignore all the pains and frustrations of his past, then there is no reason why everyone that Virgil helps cannot do it as well.

It’s time to put all the learning Virgil has done over the last few years into action. It’s time to make headway towards a consistent income that will allow him to take care of himself and his family in a way that he only has dreams about! He is going to travel the world and create memories with his family and friends and not be a burden to anyone. He will not be caught dead rotting away in a ‘cheap nursing home’ somewhere, and not being able to at least see the mountains, if he cannot go there himself…

Virgil CookIf this sounds like you, if you are experiencing anything similar, or are interested in changing the outcome of your future, please contact me either by email or click this link to schedule a free 15 minute consultation Be sure to choose the top free 15 minute consultation option on this site.

Also, let me know if you have a story you would like to share or if you have a specific question you would like an answer to… I am here to help, so be sure to take advantage of my experiences and what I have already gone through, so you do not have to waste the time or finances like I did… I can’t wait to hear from you…

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