Yes I know, you were expecting me to blast you with a capture page or sales page weren’t you?

Well you don’t know me from Adam, so I wanted to share a little bit of my story with you first. It is far better to build a relationship with someone before asking them to rip out there credit card to buy from me.

My name is Virgil Cook and I live in Eugene, Oregon which is on the West Coast of the United States.

I have worked in many different industries over the years and have acquired skills in long haul truck driving, welding, fabricating, rehabbing and flipping houses, and many other interesting fields of expertise. After spending the last 21 years of my life working as an office manager for a plumbing shop, I suddenly found myself in a vary astounding position. I was being laid off from this job and looking at bankruptcy since the unemployment was nowhere near enough to cover my bills. At the age of 60 years old a person is not prepared to start all over again and could not just go out and jump into any kind of job that was available like I was used to, so I was left with a dilemma…


What was Virgil Cook going to do?

I had some experience with computers but I had never used the Internet for anything other than just searching Google for information before. Now, I was searching the Internet for some kind of opportunity that would save me from the fate that I was currently looking at, when I stumbled onto what was going to be my holy grail in network marketing. I fell in love with the concept of working for myself with limitless potential for financial and time freedom.

In the beginning I personally struggled with traditional network marketing; I had a few stumbles in the beginning and nothing seemed to come naturally for me…

Initially I was mortified that I had to go out and randomly approach 3-4 complete strangers every day and somehow naturally pull off getting their phone numbers. When I finally did corner my victim, I would usually come off as insincere and extremely needy. I would start out all fine and confident, but would hit the proverbial brick wall and freeze, then awkwardly forget what the heck I was even doing and what my mission was.

I was a mess, but my hope kept me on the straight and narrow path towards my success.

Gradually, with practice, I improved and had some success. My confidence grew and I learned how to relate more effectively with my prospects. But, I just wasn’t getting the success I had expected.

Virgil Cook says, “Then one day it happened?”

It was the day from network marketing hell….

On this particular day, I caught myself arguing with a cold-call from a purchased lead, while I simultaneously had to hold the phone away from my ear as my lead screamed at me and called me a liar. Earlier that day I was labeled a ‘solicitor’ and told to leave an establishment.

This was the day I was forced to re-evaluate my goals. What was I doing again? Why did I want to do this?

One thing was certain; I wasn’t willing to continue to work my business this way forever. However, I wasn’t a quitter by nature and it only made me more determined to find a better way because my why’s were very strong and very important to me. I also tend to be a little daring and non-conventional, so I had no problems challenging the traditional techniques of network marketing that were drilled into me from day one.

After all, I was in business for myself so figuring out how to be successful is a personal journey that I was willing to take. Besides, my bruised ego was starting to take a serious toll on me, mentally, physically and relationally.

Things just weren’t adding up favorably for me, but I persevered….

So, while desperately surfing the internet for clues, I stumbled upon a system that just made way too much sense, I delved in and have never looked back.

This page is a creation that evolved as a result of my marketing efforts taught by an incredible system called My Top Tier Business. I am a strong advocate of entrepreneurialism, as the traditional career/job has messed up too many family’s lives and incomes, including mine. I now feel a deep sense of purpose in helping other network marketers overcome the MLM hurdles and helping them realize there is another way to marketing yourself and your opportunity or product/service. Don’t ever give up.

There is a kinder and gentler, smarter and faster way of acquiring leads, with a built-in automatic means of profiting from multiple income streams, so you can finally be in this industry full-time and quit that J-O-B for good.

Online network marketing via attraction marketing will liberate you and change the way you do business as well as change the way you feel about yourself. It will essentially mold you into the leader that commands success in this industry.

Heck if it can mold me into a leader, it can help anybody!

I look forward to guiding and inspiring you on your journey toward ultimate success!

I have been doing quite well actually in the last year mostly. I have built up a good list, not large but respectable. I am building a team or two and am creating some steady income through a couple of different opportunities. I have entered a few marketing contests and have placed 5th in one, 10th in another, and 15th in my last larger contest.

I am in no way a guru, but have created a small but steady monthly income now. I just went to San Diego where I attended two separate live events and I was very surprised when I had several people that recognized me at the events from my online efforts.

Jonathan BuddWhat surprised me the most was when Jonathan Budd walked up to me and shook my hand. He said “Virgil Cook, it is about time we met face to face because I have seen you all over the Internet.” Now that is a great feeling when someone that I have been following almost from the beginning of my marketing career.

Jonathan Budd


Then later that same day, I had the same thing happen when Mark Hoverson came into the room at the same event. It just so happened that J Budd and Mark were both speaking at this live training event.


Virgil Cook

Virgil Cook

If you are serious about your future in the online marketing arena then take a minute and click on the following link. You will be taken to my capture page where you will be given a preview of the offer I am presenting to you. Once you have entered your email address you will be taken to a video that will explain everything.

If you prefer written material instead of video, you will be given the opportunity to go to a written page when you go to leave the video page…

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