Watch this important video to discover how to jump into Video Marketing like a pro and take your business to the next level…

Your business won’t survive if you don’t jump into video marketing once and for all with both feet…

In social media today, you need more than just simple words written in your blog to attract the right target audience and stand out in the crowd…

I remember the first time I created a video and put it on YouTube, I was just trying out my camera to see how it worked. Check it out… As you can see I did not fix my hair and I didn’t really have a topic. My point is this…


You don’t have to be perfect to do a video, you just need to do it. I was just talking to my family in that first video, nothing special, but I am proud of that video because I jumped out there and just did it. In fact, I think there were more than one take of that video that I spliced together, even though I was not doing any video marketing, just so I would know how to do it.

I actually got around 52 views on that first video. One of the next videos that I am going to show you will help you if you are afraid of getting in front of the camera. This video was just a bunch of pictures that I put together and created a video That was probably my first video marketing effort because I included some links, etc. That video has gotten me about 109 views over time…

My first real effort at video marketing was this video I did on “How to build your marketing funnel and branding yourself.” I was still reading off of a script at that time, but I shared some very important information and actually got around 259 views…

Now since that last video, I found a site where you could turn your written text into animated videos and I have had a lot of fun creating video marketing videos using this tool over time, but this is actually my very first video using this tool and video marketing together. This video is titled “Creating Success In Network Marketing,” and I have received 48,767 views to this video so far.

I hope you are seeing how powerful video marketing can be for you and you do not have to worry about being afraid of the camera, because there are so many different ways you can use video. Now I am in no way an expert at video and you may never be either, but I do have something I want to share with you, because I do know how powerful video can be for your business.

I have a very good friend that has been the goto person for video for a long time now. If someone had a question about anything to do with video and video marketing the Vitoria Castro was the one they went to because if she did not know the answer, then she would go out and find it…

Vitoria is the one person that I would trust with my video and video marketing questions. I know that she has been working very hard for a very long time on a video marketing course that she could share with others. I know how self conscious she is about what she shares with others. She has to have it be correct and it has to be in the easiest form for them to master…

To make a long story short, Vitoria Castro has created a video marketing course called, “Dominate Video Marketing” and it is available as of today. There are three webinars scheduled over the next three days with some awesome content as well as bonuses and I would be willing to bet a discounted founders price..

I am sure that those bonuses will expire if the product is not purchased by the end of the webinar scheduled for Wednesday…

Here are the video marketing scheduled webinar dates:

Be sure to register for whichever webinar date and time will fit into your schedul. If you cannot make one of these dates, as long as you are registered, you will be able to get the replay emailed to you. So be sure to at least register.

You will still be able to get Vitoria’ video marketing course after these webinar dates, but I am not sure which bonuses will still be available and what the price point might be? To be sure you get the best deal possible, be on one of the webinars listed above.

Here are a few excerpts from what Vitoria has to say about her video marketing course:

“I’ve created this product to share with you the best video marketing strategies to help you attract your audience and grow your business. I’ll show you simple steps to make your own quality videos so you can market, and brand yourself smarter, faster and cheaper.” Vitoria Castro

“If you want your videos to help grow your business it’s vital that you provide high quality content and information that is worth watching. There are specific tactics and strategies that MUST be included in each of your videos in order to engage your visitors and get them to take action. Just by providing the answers that your customers are looking for, you are building a relationship and credibility with your future customers.” Vitoria Castro

“There are people who still think that video making is only for the pros and you HAVE to  go to them to get your videos made. Guess what? That’s OLD thinking! Authentic, homemade videos by entrepreneurs are more powerful than any corporate or traditional style videos.” Vitoria castro

“Dominate Video Marketing is the solution to your problems. With this you can leverage videos and get massive results in your business. It is designed especially for those who don’t want to spend a great deal of time, money or effort on the entire process.” Vitoria Castro

Here is how you can jump start your video marketing curve with Dominate Video Marketing:

You can attend the following webinars and get the bonuses and most likely lowered founders cost to purchase…

Or you can go directly to the sales page and read what Vitoria Castro has to say personally about her video marketing product. Click here

There are five complete Modules:

  • Module 1 – Video Marketing Mindset
  • Module 2 – Filming & Branding Yourself
  • Module 3 – Creating Amazing Videos without Being On Camera
  • Module 4 – Your Equipment
  • Module 5 – Syndication & YouTube

And a over a handful of Super video marketing bonuses that I am not sure how long Vitoria will leave available, so get it now. The best way is to attend the webinars and get all the goodies. If you are reading this after those dates, I would be willing to bet there are still some fantastic deals left, and if not the course itself is worth at least 10 times what she is asking.

How do I know this? Because I know Vitoria Castro and she does not value her work as highly as she should…

So, if you are here now after the webinars are over, then just click on this link and check it out. Then don’t hesitate! Get your business moving forward faster than ever before by using video marketing and “Dominate Video Marketing” course now!

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