Are you interested in becoming an unstoppable person/leader in your life and business?

There are three steps to becoming unstoppable:

  1. You must be able to complete your past by distinguishing reality from story
  2. You mus remove all the obstacles to gain the freedom to just “BE”
  3. You must create the unstoppable self and live the life you love

unstoppableWhen everything is complete, you will amplify your personal power to become unstoppable.

When all your centers are activated, you will increase your power, energy, strength, and your fulfillment. Be sure to unify all of these areas to empower you as an unstoppable entrepreneur.

Mind = Meaning Maker

When you are stuck in life, it is from misinterpreting reality. Our mind attaches stories to our experiences and we are not even conscious of it. We must gain awareness of this process to become unstoppable.

So everything is a story and and our stories are only what we make them mean. Does that make sense? If we have stories of things from our past that are holding us back from doing the things we should be doing, they are only stories…they are not reality…

Here is something from my past that is only a story, not reality, and has been holding me back…

Ever since I was in high school, at least this is when I noticed it the most, I would always have problems when I had to get up in front of class to give a speech, report, review, or something that someone else told me that I had to do… I did not have those issues if I was in the middle of a crowd of people and it was my decision to just speak… Why do you suppose that is?

I would get all tensed up, sweaty hands, my chest would feel like a ten ton elephant was sitting on it, and no matter how well I had rehearsed my material, this is the way I would feel… I have found out that what I was feeling is part of some story that I had created from somewhere in my past.

By distinguishing what it was that was causing my story and realizing that it is not reality, I was able to let go of the cause, just by understanding that it was only a story that I had made up in my mind, and this is what was causing those feelings and pressures. By allowing myself to see the reality instead of the story and release whatever it was that I had allowed myself to believe, I am now able to move forward without that story holding me back…

How do you clear the constraints of the past to be able to freely create the future you will love?

  • You must first be able to distinguish reality from your stories…
  • You must consciously choose which stories you are going to tell yourself about reality that will help you live the life you truly want to live.
  • By doing this you will become the person that you really want to be, not the one that is determined by your subconscious stories that are in the background running your life.

There are a lot of people that fall into the trap of their own selective perceptions. They have taken the perception or view of reality, as if it were actual reality. This one simple mistake costs us our power in life. We are not unstoppable

unstoppableThe process goes something like this:

  • When you have an experience, your mind processes it through filters. It then becomes you view of it. Your view can never be reality or what actually happened because it will always be just your view…
  • Your view is only what you tell yourself, or your story. This story that you tell yourself is only inside your head. The act of perceiving is one of our most powerful tools in the universe, and many people just give it away.
  • Most people believe their view of reality is reality.
  • Your view of reality “cannot be reality”. It’s the law of physics.

For example: Bring me someone who rejected you. In physical reality you can’t because rejection only exists inside your head as language. Where in reality, someone only said “NO.”

No one controls our perceptions except us. Power comes from our perceptions. We can learn how to perceive life in a way that will bring us fulfillment, happiness, peace, satisfaction, and success.

To sum it up, I will tell you that we all are full of our own stories. Stories that we have created over our lifetimes to hide the things that are now holding us back. Some of us will have more stories than others. Some of us may only have one story, but until we decide to analyze ourselves to find out what our stories are…

unstoppableWe will be stuck inside those stories until we find out what reality really is. If we are stuck in some way, then it is our lack of perceived reality and only a story that has us blocked. Get to bottom of your story so you can see the reality and you will be able to move forward once again towards becoming unstoppable.

I am looking into myself to find my stories that are holding me back, like the one I mentioned above. If we are not achieving the success we want or seem to be stuck and not moving forward, I would be willing to bet, if you sat down and really concentrated on what you perceive as reality, you will find that it is only a story, and stories are not reality.

Remove those stories from your subconscious and you will finally be free to move forward in the true reality of the unstoppable entrepreneur that you are…

I am here to help in any way that I can. Leave your comments in the box below and let me know what your thoughts are. Do you understand that your own stories are holding you back and that those stories are just that, they are stories and not reality… Leave your comments below and I will be looking forward to sharing more with you soon about how to become unstoppable.

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