Understanding Smartphone Consumers

Now is the time to start making money as a Mobile Affiliate Marketer. This is a very new concept giving you access to one of the largest markets available and it is still in its infancy.

Mobile marketing is one of the newest trends to come along recently on the Internet. This is destined to be one of the HOTTEST markets to come along with everyone using their cell phones for buying things online. Who do you know that has a cell phone or probably an easier question would be, who do you know that does not have a cell phone?

Watch this video about understanding smartphone consumers…






 This video presents key findings from “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Consumers,” a study from Google and conducted by Ipsos OTX, an independent market research firm. The findings come from research conducted at the end of 2010 among 5,013 US adult smartphone Internet users. Google commissioned this research with the objectives to better understand how smartphones are used in consumers’ daily lives and how smartphones have influenced the ways consumers search, shop and respond to mobile advertising.

With all the Apps available for cell phones like, barcode scanners, browsers for surfing the web, social media apps, shopping, transportation, travel, sports, photography, news, music and audio, media and video, finance, education, just to name a few. What do you think all of these Apps have in common?

They all give you as a marketer a new platform to market to all of the millions of cell phone users all over the world. You can take advantage of one of the largest and fastest growing marketplaces the world has ever known?

There are affiliate marketers that are making thousands of dollars every day marketing other people’s products. Can you believe it? Why not take advantage of the market where people actually sleep with their cell phones. How many people do you know that love their computers so much that they take them to bed with them?

The point I am trying to make here is this? If a person can make so much money as an online affiliate marketer, then why couldn’t you make a lot of money doing the same thing, only targeting the millions of cell phone users that are a growing marketplace of online buyers…?

I will be bringing you specific ways to do Mobile Affiliate Marketing and how you too can profit from this new technology and trend in making money online. Just think if you were here when Google first got started? You would probably be making a killing right now if you had taken advantage of that trend and learned how to utilize the markets with the proper training.

Well, here is your chance to get in on the newest way to make money, to come along so far in your lifetime. You can get all the training you need to get started with this new revolutionary way of marketing to cell phone users and developing this new strategy for earning an exceptional income as a Mobile Affiliate. You can get this training here at http://virgilcook.com/mobileaffiliateprofits for only $47.00, but you must HURRY because the price is increasing to $97.00 at midnight on August 4, 2011.

Even at $97.00, this training would be a steal. So Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! As an extra bonus, I will be here to help you in any way I can with this new training… ($97.00 per/hr. Value).

I can’t wait to hear your stories of success from this new source of marketing possibilities. Post your comments below and let me know what your thoughts are and more importantly, what YOUR successes are…?















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