TUFF questions to ask thyself…

One of the most powerful things you can do in order to have breakthroughs and take your business to the next level is to ask yourself questions.

Lot’s of them.


And that’s why a lot of people have coaches, why successful people have coaches, why coaches even have coaches…

Because often times, we all help others out, but we never stop to help ourselves out, to ask ourselves the questions that will allow us to see why we’re at where we are currently at.

Yet, asking yourself questions, similar to the ones below but even going much deeper, you’ll feel that you’ve just given yourself an incredible Gift.

And you’ll get such clarity that you’ll be able to go out and absolutely Crush It…

Looking at someone new to this business, seeking to earn their first dollar, or someone that’s stuck and needs a breakthrough, here’s a typical Q & A that reveals a lot of holes in how they’re going about things:

Coach: So what’s your goal in this business?

Student: To make more money, duh!

Coach: Why do you want to make money? What would an extra $10k a month mean to you? (what’s the meaning behind the money?)

Student: Huh? I just want to make more money!

Coach: Have you become a student of your industry? Are you learning about the key fundamentals of marketing and selling online, building relationships?

Student: Erm… I buy a lot of products, so yea!

Coach: How many marketing events in your industry have you attended and plan to attend this year?

Student: All they’ll do at those things is try to sell me, so I don’t need that. This is an ‘Internet’ Business right?

Coach: Okay, get out a sheet a paper, and write out all the income producing activities you’ve done over the last 30 days. Things like creating sales pages, making offers to your target market, paid advertising, etc…

Student: Well, I could probably write all I’ve done out on a Sticky Note for you. (says embarrassingly.)

Coach: Would you like help here? To take you to the next level, and are you ready to treat this like a real business in order to be a success?

Student: Yes, please help. I WANT THIS.

Okay okay…

You get the scenario here right?

This guy is basically just a dreamer. But he’s serious. He simply has some preconceived ideas about this industry and how to go about succeeding in it.

Sadly though, like most, his conclusions are dead wrong.

You must become a real and serious student of business and marketing, you must become curious about life in general.

See what the world likes, dislikes, what’s hot, what’s not, what things do you see people desiring…

When you feel like you MUST HAVE something, where is that feeling coming from?

Take note, it’ll lead to key insights that will serve you well. Become a lifelong student of this stuff!

You must GET to events.

90% of marketers speak of their most profitable deals and biggest breakthrough’s coming from being at an event. They don’t view it as optional and neither should you.

And of course, daily you need to be focusing in on Income Producing activities.

Things that will most often be directly putting money into your pockets. i.e. Marketing, Selling, Creating Direct Value to your target market…


Slow down, ask yourself some powerful questions, get real and vulnerable with yourself and your answers.

I mean getting BRUTALLY HONEST with yourself.

That’s how breakthrough’s occur…

That’s how you’ll get your first $1.00…

Your first $10,000…

And your first $100,000 and beyond…

It’s all within your grasp my friend.

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