visionaryRe: The Problem With Visionaries

“It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link of the chain of destiny can be handled at a time.”

Winston Churchill said that.

Now. There’s something about that quote, that grates against something inside me. My inner cool, hip self doesn’t like that quote.


These days, everyone wants to be a “visionary.”

Everyone wants to see a mile ahead and have grand visions about how things could be.

Though I’m not going to say that it’s bad to be a visionary

There comes a point…

Where it pays to be shortsighted.


Because when we’re always looking so far ahead, it’s easy to forget about the present.

And when we forget about the present, we forget to live. To do things. To engage the world.

Of course, you can’t totally ignore the future. We need something in the distance to work towards.

But there will never be anything more important than now.

IPAS 2 gives you something in the future to work towards:

  • financial freedom
  • running a successful home business
  • helping other people achieve their goals

But most importantly, it frees you to focus on the present.

Since it’s a step-by-step system, you only have to take things one step at a time.

Complete one step, and move to the next. And again. And again.

…so that you never have to think about anything but now. The map is made. Just follow the path.

In other words, the future can only be good.

…and it can be great, if you focus on the present.

It’s $47 to sign up.

Which might not be worth it, if you’re one of those “visionaries.”

Maybe you don’t need to focus on the present.

But if you do see the importance of living in the present…

IPAS 2 can help.

Get started here:











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