free timeThe Best Use of Your “Free Time”

Last time I warned you about the dangers of applying the 80/20 Principle. I told you how some entrepreneurs simply are not equipped, mentally or emotionally, to handle the free time that outsourcing, eliminating, delegating, and other 80/20 applications make available to them.

And I promised to tell you how to maximize your newfound “free time”.

I have four recommendations for how to spend your time. Four ways that will maximize your income…

1. Play. Do things that you enjoy that have nothing to do with your business. Ever notice how you get your best ideas while jogging, walking, taking a shower, sleeping, playing with your kids, or having dinner with your spouse? There’s a reason for that. A scientific reason. Your subconscious brain makes powerful and startling connections, when you’re at play…connections it will never make when you’re “working on” those same ideas consciously. Want big, breakthrough ideas that will take your business to the next level? Play and rest more.

2. Listen. Take out a notepad and a pen and ask the universe to talk. If you’re spiritual, ask your higher power. Ask God. Then just listen and write what you “hear”. You can ask for an answer to a specific problem. You’ll be surprised at the powerful ideas you’ll get. Guaranteed.

3. Think about how to find more customers. “How can I get my offer in front of more people?” This is always a good problem for an entrepreneur to be working on. Sure, you can outsource aspects of traffic generation, but finding creative ways to get your offer in front of more paying customers is always a high-level, high-payoff activity. It is always worth your time.

4. Think about how to increase your “lifetime customer value”. “How can I create more expensive, more valuable, more beneficial programs for my customers to invest in?” Again, always worth your time.

Do these four things with your free time and you’ll maximize your income.

Don’t have enough free time to leverage these power activities yet?

Here’s how you get it…


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