The $4.00 Beer Wealth Formula

If you’re bold enough to actually try this out, it will literally change your life.

It can make you a very wealthy man or woman. (Or man-woman, I don’t judge.)

I was just reading a recent copy of Inc. Magazine (you do read business magazines too don’t you?),
and Sterling Lanier summed up my point quite nicely…

He’s a very successful founder of an App Company called Tonic. It’s an app that replaces medical forms.

Anyhoo, note what he said:

“You’d be amazed at the wealth of information a $4 beer will get you. It will outdo a $10,000 research report every time.”

What’s he talking about?

He’s talking about having casual drinks with Industry Insiders. The type of things he learns from them is priceless, and get this, It Can’t be gotten ANYWHERE else!

You certainly won’t find it in some Course.

That’s the power of events my friend.

One tip, one strategy, one connection at an event will change your life.

Everything you want out of this business is possible for you. You just have to align yourself with the
people already doing it.

And there is no better way to do that than to hang out at an event, pick their brain, and become
friends. It’s the internet, but it’s still the age of the relationship.

And relationships are becoming all the more so important moving through 2014. You’ll see.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. You need to get to events. More specifically, you need to get to this one, The Home Business Summit:

That is, if you plan on being successful this year. Start investing in yourself by allotting time and budget for attending events.I promise you won’t regret it.And I hope you’ll check The Home Business Summit (HBS) out,

The Home Business Summit













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