t.v.T.V. Makes You Dumb, and, Kills?

I don’t know if this is true, but I have heard that every time somebody watches _____________ (insert terrible t.v. show) that A BOOK DIES.

It’s a crying shame.

Now, I’m all for catching the occasional GREAT movie or t.v. show.

But the majority of the world does not care. Turning on the t.v. allows them to turn off their own mundane life for just a few hours.

A few hours of pleasure, usually very short lived. When the mindless t.v. watching and surfing ends, their life is still there waiting for them.

How much better it would be to take a little time to read a book or some information that could literally, change your life.

And if you’re into creating a lifestyle of your dreams, achieving wealth and financial security, then there are many books out there that can help you do just that.

Books that chronicle a whole persons life, their mistakes, their successes, 5-50+ YEARS of hard core experience packed into one little book for just a few bucks.

Those are investments WELL MADE.

Both in their low cost, and the time you sit aside each week to actually read them.

Get this:

  • Poor people have big televisions.
  • Rich people have big libraries.

That’s a FACT. Point blank.

Read awesome books.

They can change your life!

Speaking of awesome information that can change your life.

Have you dived into the iPAS 2 System yet?


Here, not only do you learn about a method of making an incredible income, a method that has taken years to develop and perfect…

…But you also have the opportunity to quickly put your new found discoveries to use and into action!

That’s always the hardest part, right?

Getting, consuming… and then DOING IT.

The iPAS 2 System makes it easy:


Because most of it is done FOR YOU.

You get to focus on just the easy, yet important stuff.

Everything you need is there.

So instead of watching T.V., Check it out, and let me know if you have ANY questions. (Well, smart ones at least.)
















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