Sundays – Lessons From Being Closed On Sundays…

I was driving through town earlier, and a sign caught my eye. It was from Chick-fil-A.

Under the Chick-fil-A logo read these words:


And I thought to myself, “Is this greatly limiting their profits?”

I think the argument could go both ways. One could venture to say that more people would come if they were open on Sundays, like most other fast-food joints.

Another could argue that they’re bringing in MORE profits because they have values and won’t sacrifice their employees well-being for the sake of the extra profits they could bring in.

Either way, I love what they’re doing. Even if it’s costing them profits.

It’s not ALL about the money. Sucking every last drop of profit that you can. Some people are like this online and in the IM/Home Business space.

They’ll never be happy. They hit 5 figures, 6 figures, 7 figures and beyond. And they still want more and they’ll do ANYTHING for it.

They’ll sacrifice their own values. Their families. Their health. And so on…

Don’t let their issues become your issues, coolio?

Hold true to your boundaries, your standards, your values, and don’t let anyone impose upon that, even if it means you sacrificing a few bucks here and there.

Trust me.

It’ll be well worth sticking to your guns and doing what you know is right.

Just one note though. I’m NOT saying that you shouldn’t get out of your comfort zone. Far from it.

You MUST get out of your comfort zone in order to grow and expand your income and happiness.

What I’m saying is stick to your values.

Chick-fil-A stays closed on Sunday so its employees can have the day off, and if they choose, will have the time to go to some special place.

That’s their standard.

For you, maybe it’s not sacrificing family time for this business. Not traveling without the family. Not lying or doing anything dishonest, misleading, or unethical just to make a quick buck.

Whatever your standard is. Hold it as dear and precious and don’t like some web-geek guru persuade you away from it.

A lot of these guys aren’t near as happy in real life as they “appear” to be.

This is what I love about MTTB:

It’s a simple business to run. It’s on the up-and-up on everything. And the way it’s structured, you can earn high ticket commissions from $1k, $3k, $5k and even much more…

It’s built around YOU. Your values. Your lifestyle.

This means you don’t have to sacrifice on what’s important to you or on other time commitments you may have.

This is because this is a VERY profitable, easy, and highly leveraged business to run.

The type of business a person like you and I can do and are still able sleep like a baby at night.

Have a nice one,
















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