Are you struggling to get your business moving?

Help us!Does it seem like you are working harder, spending more time on your business, and just not seeing any success?

…Or not getting the forward movement like you were expecting by this time in your online marketing?

Well, I was doing the same thing in my business, not really that long ago myself…

I have been online now for quite some time and I was spinning my wheels for a very long time too…struggling…

I would make a dollar or two here and there, definitely not enough to support quitting my job over…

definitely not what I was looking for to supplement my retirement income…

Have you ever heard someone say, “To be successful online, you need to have a coach and/or mentor?”

Help Us!Have you done that yet?

Well I didn’t either for years I wasted my time and a lot of money, searching for the next big thing that was going to make me rich…

Trust me when I say, there is no such thing out there!

Online marketing success takes a lot of hard work, persistence, and the consistency to keep yourself on track. Trying to do it alone without the help of someone that has already made probably not all of the mistakes, but a whole lot more than we can count…

Is like trying to run up a hill on a sheet of plastic that is covered in baby oil.

OOh! That kinda sounds like fun, but let me tell you it is not likely that you will successfully get up that hill, unless you decide to ask someone that has actually made it to the top of that hill, how they did it or if they could help by pulling you up…

Which way do you think would be easier? To try to make it to the top on your own, or to have the help of someone that is actually standing up there watching you try to climb the hill on your own…?

I know the answer to that because about a year ago or so, I was confronted with that exact situation…

You may be able to figure out what I chose to do about it, because I am the one writing this post today and I am tired of you struggling?

We Need Your Help!I am writing this post today because I need your help and in return I am going to offer you something of incredible value to you if you choose to accept!

Like I said earlier, I was struggling the same as you and I chose to get a mentor and coach.

Now you may be saying, “Coaches are too expensive, I cannot afford to hire a coach with my current income?”

This is how I can help you with that to at least get you moving in the right direction…

One of My mentors, Andrea Goodsaid is in a contest to win a cash prize of $10,000 and I am trying to help her win it.

The reason why I am helping her is this. I have noticed that recently when there is a contest and the rules are not stated in a hard and fast manner that people tend to bend them as far as they can for whatever their reasons are to win. Not using conventional or necessarily fair methods, etc.

I want you to read an email I received from Andrea this morning and then I will tell you what it is that I want to do for you. I respect you and your time and I would not ask for your help if it was not important to me and of course if you would not benefit from it as well. Here is the email I got from Andrea…



Maybe you saw the leaderboards.

It’s been a 5 week long battle and I’m losing
the war it would seem ….

I do have an ace or two up my sleeve …

But the truth is, I’m feeling uncertain of even getting
in the top 4 at this point …

… and I need your help.

BAD.I’m past wanting the prize … although of course
winning $10k will be awesome…But now I have all this crap welling up about
being the only woman in a field of (some cutthroat)
guys and winning is now about some kind
of gender struggle and testosterone pissing match.

Oy.I’ll tell you – contests like these definitely bring
out the truth of everyone’s character … and underscores
the real influence you have – you know who your
friends and supporters are and aren’t by the end of something
like this. No doubt.

Kinda like a political campaign.

  • Some are being Switzerland… 
  • Some just want to know what’s in it for them …
  • Some are not paying attention …
  • Many are buying because they know I can help them … now or sometime soon
  • Some are stepping up and going above board promoting along side (these are the most cherished)…
  • and some are just plain cheating.
Money brings out the truth of people.And if we’re honest with ourselves, contests can
take us off course for a bit or they can be used as a force
for great focus and action taking … it’s hard to know
which is so though till you’ve chosen and gone down
the path.Hopefully with 100% commitment.Just remember – no regrets either way. Everything
can be leveraged and if nothing else – clarity of
people and purpose will show up.

It’s damn good to know who your friends are.So even though the leaderboard looks a little
freaky this morning (like I might get stuck with
the steak knives … gawd :-p) –

I’m not throwing in the towel … I know we can win this
if we put our efforts together.Go here and vote with your dollars:

I’m voting for you with my time. 

Everyone who buys this $9.95 thing (shh …
you can actually get it for $1 trial if you choose
“stay on page” when the exit pop appears upon
leaving the page) gets a piece of my time. 

There’s truly no greater gift.
Sure I could give you a bunch of “stuff” or more
training of some kind … you know the things
you’ll never actually get around to. 

But here’s a reality check …

You already have enough “stuff” to work 
with … what comes now is a second set of eyes and
some focused, consistent action.That’s the only thing that’s gonna get you results.

I’ve got big plans brewing for this last bit of 2012…
focus for my own goals and intentions … 

…would love to help you get focused too.

Here’s a different pretty link to order with (goes the
same place):

I look forward to our chat.Make it a great day!AndreaPS. Hey DO remember that Thursday Sept. 27th is
the deadline (midnight eastern) … I know how easy
it is to mean to do something and then space it.This is not the time to Space It ;-)Grin.

Off to visit a cousin at the beach for the day –
if you need me FB me. I’ll be around.


Now, I don’t know about you, but Andrea was there for me when I needed it, when I was struggling, and what I am proposing to you is this…

Take out your credit card right now and spend the $9.95. Trust me the handbook you will be purchasing is way more valuable than a measly 10 bucks.

You will be helping someone that really deserves it to win. Just a couple of days ago Andrea was in first place and then because a bunch of guys decided to gang up on her and for whatever reasons they may have had, in my opinion not honorable…

Anyway that is not important why they might be doing it, but how will this help and benefit you?

You heard in the email from Andrea that she is offering her time as a mentor and coach in exchange for your help. I can tell you how valuable 30 minutes or an hours time from someone that has been in your shoes already can be to your online success…

You may be only a few minutes of direction from turning that sheet of plastic around that is covered in baby oil and aiming it downhill instead of uphill…

Help Us Out!Help us out and help yourself as well, by getting yourself a copy of the handbook for just $9.95 and I will match whatever time Andrea offers to you! Because I feel that women are gangster and do not deserve to be ganged up on, I will actully double whatever amount of person time Andrea offers you.

I normally charge $175 per hour so I hope you can see the value in that? I am not sure how much Andrea normally charges, but I will guarantee it is more than what I am charging so I hope you really see the value in that as well.

Help us out! As you can see you will be getting much more that the $10 that you will be spending and you will probably get something that will most likely change you business for the better. So click on the link below or any of the links in this post to help us out and remember, this needs to be done before midnight on Thursday the 27th of September…

IM Revolution










I am looking forward to your help, so give us your support here…



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