What is a Solo Ad?

Solo adA solo ad is a short email promoting something that is sent out to someone else’ email list…

Solo ads are the fastest up and coming Lead Source on the Internet today.

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When I first got started I would just send out an email whenever I felt like it. Didn’t matter if it was in the middle of the night, middle of the day, on Sunday… It sure would have gotten me a lot better responses to all of my work if I had known the best times and frequency to mail all of my leads…

I just finished running a solo ad for a really good Internet Marketing training site… I use this site called My Online Business Empire or MOBE for short myself and I recommend it to a lot of beginners to marketing online.

I have found that most people come online and the first thing they do is buy into some kind of business opportunity where they are told to make a list of all their friends and family… Go out and buy leads from some list vendor and call them to sell them a product or business that they have never heard of and do not have the slightest interest in…

Oh yeah! I know how that works because that is how I got started myself.

Here is a golden nugget for you. Don’t do what you are told to do if it even slightly resemble what I said in the paragraph above. Do what the successful people online are doing… They know what works!

Let me show you a few statistics from my last solo ad, so you can get a better picture of what kinds of results you can get. First, let me share with you how this works. You will submit your solo ad to and ad vendor, pay for the ad, then the vendor will send you ad out to their email list. When someone sees your solo ad, they will have the option to click on the link that you have included in your ad.

When they do that, it is called a click (this is what you have purchased from the vendor), and when they click on that link, they will be sent to a capture/squeeze page where they will be given some information about your offer in such a way that they will want to put in their information to see more about what you are offering. When they do that and click on your submit button, that is called an optin.

This is where they become a lead and you start building your list which should be one of your main objectives of your online marketing. This is however not your main objective, although it is probably the most important because now you will be able to market to that person until the end of time or they unsubscribe.

Your main objective is to make a sale, so the next step would be after they click the submit button, they would be taken to your sales page… That should give you a picture of how things progress so these statistics will mean a little more to you.

A normal solo ad, you will purchase a certain number of clicks from an ad vendor. A click is whenever someone clicks the link to your ad. What you are mostly looking for are opt-ins and sales. Optins to build your list and sales to build your bank account…

So back to my statistics from my last solo ad:

I purchased a 500 click solo ad for a specified price. The solo ad was scheduled to start running on Oct. 11, 2012. In the afternoon on Oct. 11th I new the ad had started running because a steady stream of optins were showing up in my email inbox.


That is what your inbox should look like when you start getting the optins and trust me, every time I see that I get excited…

Here is a screenshot of my results for this solo ad and I will explain what everything is below:

solo ad

In this solo ad I was sending people to a free webinar, oh I forgot to mention that solo ad vendors want you to be offering something for free and then you can upsell after the free thing… So my solo ad was sending them to this free training webinar and at the end of the webinar there is an upsell to get some Inner Circle membership site for some awesome training.

Okay, so here is what you are seeing… You will see in the center you will see Mobe webinar registration, that was the purpose of my solo ad to get people to register for the webinar. On the left you will see noreply (52) and noreply (33) for a total of 85 signups to my main webinar. These are not sales but they are people that are very close to buying.

You will see other lines where it shows people becoming leads, phone leads, other webinar registrations, and even an affiliate sign up… All of these are signups from people checking out other things I have put in front of them after they opted in for my main webinar registration.

So here are the statistics so far: I purchased an ad spot for 500 clicks, so far I have gotten a total of 554 clicks and 519 of those are unique clicks, which means they were counted only once. Out of those 519 unique clicks I had 300 optins or additions to my list, and out of those 300 additions to my list I had 85 signups to my main webinar. And as you can see in the screenshot above there were several people from the 300 optins, that have wandered around and found other things of interest to them as well.

From the short little video clip you saw the solo ad started running late in the afternoon on Oct 11th and there were some Internet issues that the vendor had on the 12th and 13th so the flow slowed to only a few a day, but then again started flowing on the 14th and a final little trickle this morning. So in actuality, I would say about 36 hours time, I added at least 300 potential buyers to my email list.

I don’t know about you, but that excites me.

If a solo ad can generate leads like that why would you use any other source? If you would like to learn how to use a solo ad to generate your own quality leads and build your list, then you need Solo Ad Secrets. For a few pennies you can get the tips and tricks that I use to generate these kinds of solo ad traffic.

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Solo Ad










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