Why solo ads and are they really worth it?

What is a solo ad?

A solo ad is a short text ad that you would send to someone else’s email list.

For example: You would find a solo ad vendor that has an email list of maybe 10,000 subscribers, and you would contract with that solo ad vendor to send out your text ad to their list. I just purchased a 250 click solo ad from a vendor for $80.00.

What does that mean?

The vendor will send my solo ad to their list or a segment of their list to get me 250 unique clicks. Unique clicks are clicks that come from each person opting in only once. They may click on my ad more than once, but I have purchased unique clicks so, the extra clicks are not counted a second time.

In this solo ad that has just finished running I actually got 315 total clicks and 294 unique clicks. Most vendors will send you more unique clicks than you order, and that is one way to insure they get your repeat business.

Are solo ads worth it?

On the surface you may be saying, “that does not look like a very good deal to me.” If you look at the ad I am showing you here, you may think at first glance that it is not worth the price I paid for this ad. Let me explain…

I purchased this ad for $80.00, for a 250 click solo and I received a total of 315 clicks, 294 unique clicks, and 131 optins or subscribers to my email list . From this solo ad I made two sales for $9.95 each for a total sale of $19.90, so far. Now these are upfront immediate sales and there could be more coming in as the subscribers are getting my follow up emails dripping on them…

This may not look very good on the surface and you may say, “you spent $80.00 to get less than $20.00 worth of sales?” I would say, “no I spent $80.00 to get 131 new people on my list and in the process, I made two sales worth $19.90.” Now those sales are for a product that leads to a $2000.00 product and if either one of those two people buy that product, would you then think it was worth it? Or maybe one or two of those 131 optins to my solo ad were to by that product, would it then be worth it?


Do you see what the potential of this one solo ad is now?

The real purpose of solo ads are not necessarily to make money, but to build your email marketing list. Yes, don’t get me wrong, you are also looking for sales, but that is not your main objective of solo ads. Now, I have 131 new people that I can market to until the end of time or until they decide to unsubscribe from my list. As I get to know my list, I will be able to market any number of products to them over time and I will almost guarantee, they will generate more than $80.00…

It only took me 5 days to add 131 subscribers to my list…

Now it only took me 5 days to get those new subscribers onto my list and normally a good solo ad will process in 48-72 hours of starting or less. This particular solo ad ran a little slow, but the results in my opinion were really quite good. That is a 44.03% optin rate to this particular vendors list. There will still be more subscribers that will trickle in even after the ad stops running because there are solo ads sitting in someones email inbox that has not been opened yet.


Let me ask you this?

How long would it take you to get 131 optins to your list from using other methods of marketing like, blogging, article writing, forum marketing, or any number of other methods of marketing online?

Even if you could get even close to that many optins from those methods, do you think that all of those optins would purchase right up front either?

You tell me, which way would you rather build your list. I have used many different methods in the past including PPC and I will tell you that doing a solo ad will build my list for a lot less money than the PPC ever did. To me doing a solo ad is the best and fastest way to build your email autoresponder list and generate future money for a long time…

When you are doing a solo ad, you want to make sure your capture page and your solo ad are congruent with each other. Make sure they are relevant to the destination you are sending people to as well. I use the same first sentence or paragraph on my solo ad as I do on my capture page…

If you would like to get more information on creating and using a solo ad for your list building and for a price that fits even the poorest of pocket books, then you need to check out Solo Ad Secrets here: I recommend purchasing the product for the $10.00 and then getting the first upsell which is only another $27.00. I don’t know anyplace else that you can get a good quality solo ads course for less… Pick it up here http://virgilcook.com/soloads

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Let me know what kinds of results you are getting with your solo ad? Also if you have questions about a solo ad, post them here as well…

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