Are you Riding The Wave Of Failure?

There’s two ways that people try to go about making money online…

One works every time…

The other RARELY works… (This is the plan most are subscribed too.)

The first way is what I call Passive Waves.

It’s where you take whatever is given to you and you roll with that. Most people live their whole life this way!

Their job is given to them or they fall into it in some way. And most absolutely hate their job, and all they’d have to do is go out and find something better…

Yet, they don’t, because they’re WAITING... They’re waiting for somebody else to step in and ‘give’ that opportunity to them, which usually never happens.

They’re riding the Passive Waves.

They’re simply taking what’s been given to them, usually knowing that their life could be much better if they took complete control of where their life is headed.

Because here’s the truth: Either you’re controlling your life, or others are controlling your life for you.

Again, 98% of the world are riding the passive waves of mediocrity. They’re a stringed puppet being controlled by others…

Their Choice.

But here’s the issue…

  • These same people try to go about building their online business this exact same way.
  • See they look around online, they research, and they make their own decision (they think) to join a program or buy a ‘how-to’ product that could honestly change their life.
  • However, they’re still in that Passive Waves mindset.
  • They’re waiting for someone to step in and say ‘Do This, Do That’… They’re waiting for someone to take them by the hand and force them to success.
  • They’re waiting for opportunities and results to come to them instead of working their tails off to get to where they want to be in life.

Does this make sense?

Offline, you may be given a job. It’s a job! So, you’ve got a time to come in to work, they tell you what to do, you have obligations, rules, and if you don’t measure up to the responsibility, you’ll get canned.

Online, you’re given an Opportunity. BIG DIFFERENCE.

You have an ‘opportunity’ to make zero dollars or a million dollars. It’s all about what you make of the opportunity itself, and riding the passive waves will rarely get you there.

Which brings me to…

Making Waves and not Passive Waves.

  • Taking the bull, called your life, by the horns…
  • You don’t wait for opportunities, you create them. You don’t wait for success to come beating at your door, you go out and beat down walls to find it.
  • You don’t wait for permission from ANYONE! You go out and get yours!
  • And let me preface that by saying this, and I think this will be very liberating for you…

It’s gonna be messy.


We all imagine this straight and perfect path to success and think in our minds that it’s how the successful people we know got to where they’re at.

But that’s just not true.

In every success that’s out there, it’s been full of twists and turns, successes and failures, tears of pain and tears of joy…

That’s the path.

It’s never a straight line. It’s never perfect.

And that’s beautiful.

This can be liberating for you because it removes the need for you to go out and expect perfection of yourself. Heck, it’s often experiencing one failure after another that LEADS you to the big successes.

Don’t view them as failures, but more as learning opportunities.


Whatever you’ve been given, whatever you’ve got to work with right now, resolve to go out and make waves.

Don’t wait another moment.

See where you want to go, get you a path and plan of attack, and then get at it.

I know you can do this…

And if you need help with getting to where you want to go, and you need a proven plan of attack, then check this out:

You’ll get all the support, training, and tools you’ll need in order to do this right.

I’m here for your success and I’m here to help you achieve all of the freedom you deserve!

Here’s to making waves and leaving the passive waves behind,






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