Patience“Patience is not passive; on the contrary, it is active, it is concentrated strength.” – Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

Hey there…

It’s a sad fact that most people give up on themselves and this business waaaay to quickly.

They try a system or method out literally once, wait a few hours, and then get angry and give up because their life didn’t instantly transform from one teeny investment into themselves!…

They lack vision and patience.

They don’t realize that everybody, yes, EVERYBODY goes through the initial failures, setbacks and growing pains.

So, it may be a jagged little pill to swallow, but that elusive Patience is required. Patience is not passive! It’s very active.

It means slowing down and focusing on high impact activities. It means consistently applying proven methods that will work, it means testing, tweaking, learning, increasing your daily skills and smarts with the business and opportunities that you’re a part of.

It means getting seriously Good at FOCUS.

Here’s one to store away in ye olde brain vault:

Patience“Every YES must be defended by 1,000 NO’s.”

Get that. It’s power!

You don’t want to be a victim of the Paradox of Choice.

The problem isn’t that there is not enough opportunities out there in the world, the problem is that there are TOO MANY opportunities out there.

So when you Decide?



Stick to it…

Don’t let other opportunities and offers rob you of your sanity and success.

One issue you come across with this is most systems seriously lack everything you need to succeed.

You buy a course on setting up a website, but it has nothing on how to drive traffic to it. You then buy a course on traffic, but it doesn’t teach conversions. You buy a course on conversions, yet it teaches you nothing about building a list and how to write email or nurture your customers…

And on it goes!…

PatienceThat’s why I whole-heartedly recommend to my peeps this MTTB system:

It has everything built into the system that you need to run a very profitable business on your terms and schedule.

Everything from leveraging a proven system, to email, to traffic training and lucrative done for you back-end sales…

It’s ALL there for you right now.

Check er out here!

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Seriously GET THIS concept of patience and consistency. A friend in MTTB just got an $8,000 sale from something he did months back. NOW if he would have given up thinking it didn’t work? No moolah… Get consistent, get focused, get patience, get this:

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