I wanted to share a video about a ‘Painfully Obvious Truth‘ with you, from one of my favorite mentors, Jonathan Budd.

I met Jonathan about three years or so ago and started following his work. He was only a couple years out of college and on an amazing path to success. Over the past few years I have purchased several of Jonathan’s products and all of them have been exceptional…

I have found that what Jonathan teaches and the way he mentors is without a doubt the way that I hope to be able to mentor someday…

The reason why I wanted you to view this video about this Painfully Obvious Truth

I am getting ready to help Jonathan Budd launch his new “Futuristic Marketing” course next week and I wanted to give you an example of what JB is like in what he does. He is very passionate about you and me and only offers us the best quality products as well as advice that is available… You can view a short pre-launch trailer here: http://virgilcook.com/op/futuristic-underdogs-squeeze/

Watch this 20 minute video, that will help you become better at what you are worst at, from what JB has to tell you. There is no marketing, nothing being sold, just pure unadulterated honest passionate advice that if you take it to heart…it will change your life…

Enjoy this awesome lesson regarding a “Painfully Obvious Truth” here:



I hope you got as much out of that video as I did. Jonathan Budd is as awesome mentor and an awesome person as well.

So I am going to be participating in Jonathan’s launch of Futuristic Marketing starting on Tuesday July 16th.

I will be releasing 4 videos.

The first on July 16th, the second on July 18th, the third on July 20th, and the fourth on July 23rd. I have already seen a preview of this awesome product, and I would recommend getting ready to follow this launch and when the Cart opens on July 25th, get in and order as soon as possible.

I will be offering some awesome bonuses on top of the bonuses that Jonathan will be offering if you purchase from me. If you want to be a part of my launch and be one of the first to get this important information and videos. you can get on my waiting list here:


Enter you Name and Best Email so you don’t miss anything. Click on the link directly above to get on my list…and let me know what you thought about this Painfully Obvious Truth video as well below…

Painfully Obvious Truth












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