Outsourcing Is The Secret Especially If You Are Stuck

I still remember it like it was yesterday.

Getting on a bus, heading into town to a bookstore, and spending over $250 on books about making websites.

It was early 2009, and I’d decided ‘enough is enough.‘ It was time to start taking my new online business seriously.

And because I didn’t have the first clue about building websites (which I mistakenly believed was a skill you had to have to get results online), I decided I was going to learn.

It’s almost funny in retrospect, the idea of me doing coding, and building websites, because I am NOT good at the technical stuff.

So it was an uphill battle from the beginning.

Maybe you’ve done the same thing.  Maybe you’ve even wondered whether your lack of technical skills is the reason you’re not getting results online.

And if so, then this is why you’re stuck.

You need to be outsourcing…

The technical skills are NOT what’s important.

Far more important, are learning the fundamentals of direct response marketing, like crafting irresistible offers, writing copy, and understanding what makes a person take out their credit card, enter in their digits, and send you money.

But in 2009, I of course did not know this.

So for months, I tried to learn the technical skills, thinking they were what I as missing.

But that just led to frustration… because like I said, I’m not naturally good at that kind of stuff.

So around mid 2009, I started looking for a better way.

I’d heard of outsourcing, and I knew I was supposed to be doing it.

You’ve probably heard the same thing, right?

Outsourcing everything that doesn’t directly make you money.”

But the few times I’d tried outsourcing on sites like Elance.com, I’d had bad experiences.

I overpaid, got shoddy work, and always felt like I didn’t know what I was doing.

Besides… at that point, my identity was not of someone who delegated, or had people working for him.

So, I kept trying to do everything myself, instead of outsourcing. 

And my hours got longer and longer…

…there would be days where I’d spend 4 hours in front of my computer, trying to figure out how to do something like install a simple plugin on my WordPress blog…

…which was really a 5 minute job for someone who knew what they were doing.

After a year had gone by, I had to face up to reality.

Things were just not moving as fast as I’d like.

I had reached a point, where I either had to quit my online business… or, I had to get some help.

Maybe you’ve been there yourself or you are heading that way?

So, I decided to give outsourcing another try.  Only this time, I’d pay the price to learn how to do outsourcing the right way.

So I spent literally thousands of dollars on different outsourcing courses and programs that were out there.

I spent hundreds of hours posting jobs on outsourcing sites, learning all the tricks of the trade, like how to screen out 90% of the applicants who were not serious about helping me grow my business, and only wanted to rip me off.

I learned how to compensate people in such a way, that if they didn’t deliver the job up to the standards we’d agreed on, they’d be underpaid.

After outsourcing for over 2 years now, I’ve gotten pretty good at using others by outsourcing more.

Now, I can focus on what’s important. And work a lot less too.

Out of all the skills you can develop in building your online business, outsourcing is the most important for getting you to the next level.

You won’t get to 6 figures doing everything yourself.

Just ask any internet marketing guru who’s ever made over a million dollars in their business what the turning point for them was… and they’ll all tell you, “outsourcing.”

If you’d like to learn how to do outsourcing the right way, then you really need to check out ‘The O.P.T. Formula.

As the name suggests, it’s all about leveraging ‘Other People’s Time‘ so you can stop working so damn hard, and grow your business much faster.

I remember my Physics teacher in high school, teaching us about a guy called Archimedes, who said:

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

That might sound ridiculous, but theoretically, it’s 100% true, (seriously).

With leverage by outsourcing, great things are possible.

And the same thing is true in your business when you outsource more…

If you can learn to leverage the efforts of others through effective outsourcing, you’re going to grow your business much, much faster.

Here’s how you can learn outsourcing





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