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I wanted to share an email I just got from Matt Lloyd to show you what is possible here with My Top Tier Business




Right now I’m in Panama City – I’m here scouting locations for our next
round of Mastermind events in 2014… a few days back I was in Costa
Rica looking at other resorts there as well.

In fact, this month has been pretty hectic – a couple weeks back I flew
out from Perth, Australia (my home town) and went to Baltimore, then
Florida… and then Chicago to put on another event.

So, I haven’t exactly had a whole lot of time to sit down and *work* on
my business.

But the funny thing is, we have actually just beat our best month in terms
of gross revenue.

And… we’ve paid out more $1k, $3k and $5k commissions to our MOBE
partners (regular people all around the world) than ever before.

In fact, at my Chicago event, we had one of our partners come up on stage
and collect a check for over $206k.

Now to be honest, this guy was not some newbie online marketer – he
had a lot of experience.

But, we also had people who’d been involved as a MOBE partner for
less than 2 months, getting checks for closer to $15 grand.

My point?

I can say with confidence, that there are few online systems out there
that will deliver you RESULTS as well as what MOBE can.

A big part of our ‘secret’ is simply that we have larger commissions.

Which means, you need a lot fewer online customers to start having good

This short video explains how it all works:

If you haven’t seen that yet, watch it.  I tried to keep out as much hype
as possible (and show you real results from real people).

I can’t promise you’ll do as well as those people in the video – that depends
on whether you use the system or not.

But I will promise you that you have a greater likliehood of getting results
with this than any other system out there in our industry – period.

Give My Top Tier Business a try for 21 days, and you’ll see for yourself.

Talk soon,


Here is a post I plucked from Facebook to show you some of the success out there with My Top Tier Business:

my top tier businessI will tell you this. I have been through the 21 steps myself and I totally agree that this is a life changer for most everyone. I can also say that it will not work for you, if you are someone that does not take action. My Top Tier Business works because people want what they can get from this and are willing to do the work and invest into their future the same as they would if they had a brick and mortar business, except without the up front costs…

my top tier business










Where will you be a few months from now? Watch the video at My Top Tier Business and then decide where you really want to be in one month from now. There is an application process to get into My Top Tier Business that requires a $49 application fee, but if you are not accepted the $49 is immediately refunded. Don’t do like I did for years on end and let all the good things pass you by.

Join My Top Tier Business right here and right now: Watch the video and then join here







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