I will show you how My Online Business Empire will squish the life out of the Two Things that are KILLING Your Business…

My Online Business EmpireWhat I’m going to share with you is pure content. Please read this carefully.  It has taken me years to truly ‘get it.’

Here’s the 2 reasons why most can’t make an online business work (and spend months/years spinning their wheels):

1.)  They are spending their time on the wrong things.

2.)  They are constantly changing directions (so they never get traction).

We’ll look at reason number 1 first: Most struggling online entrepreneurs are not using their time very well. They’re doing things like checking emails 20 times a day…buying every new ‘launch product’ each week…trying to learn 20 different traffic strategies at once without mastering one first… etc.

Don’t do these kind of things, because they will keep you stuck. Instead, here’s where you need to focus your time:

My Online Business Empire1.)  Building your list. 

Don’t ever let a day go by where you’re not growing your list. 

I know guys who have lists of 100,000 plus subscribers.  But, 99% of their list is dead.

They send an email out… and get less than a thousand clicks (which might sound like a lot, but as a percent, it’s not that much).

Most of the gurus won’t tell you this… but all lists will break down over time.  

The day you stop building your list… it starts dying.

People lose interest.  They unsubscribe.  They change email addresses… or life just gets in the way.  So you need to always be growing your list.

2.)  Making offers to your list.  

Now, these can be your own products… or, they can be someone elses (where you’re an affiliate).  But… in order to make money, you have to get perfectly comfortable asking people for money.  You really do.

Of course, it’s gotta be a fair trade.  They have to be getting value.  But you have to get comfortable with asking for the money…

Recently, I was on a webinar, where 3 spots were sold to a 2K coaching program for a total of  6K.

Now, was there any hesitation in asking 3 people to give up 2K each? 

Not at all.

Because the value that was being given to these people over the next 3 months, would be worth many times what they invested.

And that’s the secret.  You have to know in your heart, that what you’re providing is worth more than the price you’re asking. 

You cannot build a business around promoting crap (sooner or later, people will figure it out).

That’s why I’m reluctant to promote some of the offers of other marketers… because I know it’s just crap. 

And sure… I could make a lot of money if I did.  But, I wouldn’t sleep well at night doing it.

My Online Business Empire3.)  Product creation. 

Guys… this is where the big money is.  And this is where you can truly help your audience.

Most of the time… you were once experiencing the same problems your audience was.

I’ve made every damn mistake you can imagine in trying to learn internet marketing (I could tell you some real horror stories of things that went wrong).

I also know what it’s like to have friends and family ridicule and laugh at me for trying (which I think every entrepreneur experiences).  

So, I can relate to this audience best.  I know what they’re going through.  And I know I can help them.

You have to find the same thing for yourself.  

There’s some problem you’ve gone through in your life… that you’ve overcome.

You probably have a few.  And the secret to doing well in our sort of business, is to find a crowd of people that are experiencing that very same problem you overcame… and helping them solve it.

But first- do your market research- and make sure that there’s already a market 
there (ie. people are already buying products to help them with that issue).

If there’s no one making money in the market already, that’s a huge warning sign.

It’s also very important you target a market with a problem that’s causing them pain…Pain is good.  It’s the pain that motivates them to go searching for a solution (eg. on Google)… and that’s where you’re able to put your business in front of them,  collect a lead, and then market your products to them.

I see a lot of people fail in this industry… because they try and help people to improve some aspect of their life… but the very people they target are not actively searching for help.

Eg. I knew a lady who wanted to teach people how to ‘live more fulfilling lives’…but most people aren’t going to google, and typing in ‘how do I live a more fulfilling life?’

I told her she needed to get more specific- find a more targeted group of people, who have a problem that needs to be solved right now.

For example… she could have targeted people who were stuck in an unhappy marriage, and were seeking a way to rekindle the relationship they once had with their partner.

Can you see how this is a much more defined problem, than “how do I live a more fulfilling life?”


You need to do the same thing.  Get very specific about who you’re targeting… and make sure they are already looking for help.

Anyway, that’s just my advice to you.  I really do hope you take it…and if you have any questions for me… feel free to post them on my Facebook wall at http://www.facebook.com/virgil.cook.

How serious are you about getting results online?  

If you really are serious about this, then I’d love to have you in coaching.  I only want to work with people who are truly committed to building their business- because they’re the one’s I can help, and they’re going to be fun to work with.

My Online Business EmpireIf you’re one of them, then I’d like to offer you 90 days of weekly coaching with Matt Lloyd, for free, when you enroll in the ‘My Online Business Empire System.

Keep in mind, Matt normally offers this level of coaching at the 2,400 price point.

But, Matt and I want you to make this as ‘risk-free’ as possible for you- and make you an offer that you’d have to be insane to pass up.  You can get all the details in this video:

My Online Business Empire

If you’ve watched the video, but you still have a few questions you’d like to ask, you can request a phone call from one of Matt’s staff at the bottom of this page:

My Online Business Empire Strategy Session














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