MTTBMTTB – Why Lame Newbies Are Persuading You To FAIL!

Recent studies show there is literally something called ‘Second-Hand Stress’.

Yes. People are getting stressed out because the peeps they’re around are stressed out.

Heck, I know a guy when in I was elementary school that ate those Candy Cigarettes all the time, and several kids in his class got Second-Hand Diabetes!…

Okay, all jokes aside, this is some serious stuff…

It’s that whole, You Are Who You Are Always Around cliche.

What I’ve found online is that if you associate yourself with the people doing really well, the folks that are making a lot of money, and who are well balanced and happy?

…You’re MUCH more likely to get similar results!

How do you start getting around these folks?

  • Well, you START!
  • You buy their products, implement, and become their star student.
  • You tell them about your amazing results.
  • You ask to interview them for a project.
  • You invest in higher-end coaching from them.
  • You go to the events that they’ll be at.
  • You do whatever it takes to hang with THAT crowd.

However, the big nasty problem I see is that most are hanging around people either ‘AT’ their level, or worse…

They’re in the forums and groups hanging around the lazy, jaded, mad at the world newbies that can’t even get out of bed without help, much less actually apply and DO something that will change their life!

But they have NO PROBLEM spending 8 hrs a day, trying to help you out, trying to warn you about some scheme that doesn’t work, or trying to teach something they read in some cheesy book… haha!

It’s ra…donk…u…lous!

So my preachy message today is to be very leary of this stuff…


Stress rubs off on us…

Bad habits do…

Negative attitudes do…

Complacency does…


Success does too!

The choice is yours my friend.

And if you want to hang around with, I don’t know, hundreds or thousands of positive, successful and supportive people actually DOING this business successfully…

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You’ll likely be a perfect fit ‘IF’ you’re serious about this business, and you’ll get amazing support and help from everybody in there.

Hope to see ya in the MTTB groups!

Talk soon,






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