MTTB – Want To Succeed? Stop Thinking So Much…

Ever noticed that the lowest-priced stuff that you “need” least, like candy bars and gum, are located at the check out line of your grocery store?

They are the last thing you see before you take out your card to pay.


Because self-control is a limited resource.

Candy marketers have long known that it’s easier to sell candy AFTER the shopper has made countless other decisions as they’ve made their way through the aisles.

If they placed the candy by the entrance, where shoppers’ will power is its strongest, they would make far fewer sales.

What does this have to do with your online success?

Well, running any kind of successful business requires will power.

  • It requires the ability to say “no” to many distractions throughout the day.
  • It requires making myriad decisions about what to do and what not to do to create products, promote your products, and earn commissions.

The more decisions you have to make, the more your self-control is diminished. And the more your self-control is diminished, the easier it is to surrender to distractions.

And in this case, the distractions aren’t candy…but all the other things you COULD be doing other than building your business…

  • House cleaning
  • Running errands
  • Watching TV
  • Hanging out on Facebook
  • And on and on

So, if there is a way to limit the number of decisions you have to make about your business, the more likely you’ll be to maintain your self-control and stay focused on what you really need to be doing.

That’s why MTTB is the perfect online business.

With MTTB, you don’t have to make decisions about…

  • Product development
  • Website creation
  • Customer service
  • Phone sales
  • Shipping

All those decisions have been made for you.

This gives you the self-control to say no to the distractions and reach your online business dreams faster.

Check out MTTB today:



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