MTTBMTTB – The Power Of One In Business…

Most of us have many of the same errands each month or so that we have to go run:

  • Getting a haircut (Or ‘getting my hair did’ as all the kids are saying these days)…
  • Getting an oil change for the car…
  • Going to the Gym…
  • Doctors appointments…

And so on.

Now, would you let the same guy that changes your oil also cut your hair and do a health check-up on you?

Probably NOT!

For one, that would just be weird, but also we expect each professional to be a Pro in their given profession.

We don’t care if our doctor is secretly a great hair stylist, we want him to be good at being a DOCTOR!

And so that’s what people do…


Anything else is suicide.

I’ve seen businesses try to do both, wigs and beepers (seriously), daycare and taxidermy… it just never works.

Once you specialize, and then Niche Down, you’ve now possibly got a very profitable business and happy repeat clientele on your hands.

It’s a much Simpler and Easier way to run a business too.

Especially, this is important online!

You need Traffic, Conversions, and for the Economics to work out. That’s it in a nutshell.

And… you need to narrow down to a more specific plan that you can turn into a daily routine. Simple, IF you do it.

Ignore this and you’ll keep spinning your wheels wondering why you’re not profitable or happy with your business.

TRAFFIC: Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Blogging, Forum Marketing…

Pick ONE, and master it… Ignore the rest for now.

CONVERSIONS: (getting the sale) Email follow-up, Webinars, Google Hangouts, TeleSeminars, Events, Sales Letters, Video Sales Letters…

Again, pick one Core activity at selling and become a master at it.

ECONOMICS: This is one of the most important parts, yet any overlook it. It’s ALL about the profits in the long-term.

If you’re not making money, why do all this?…

The cure is having Big Ticket offers on the back-end, ideally affiliate offers, so you can just plug it in to your business and move on without having to worry about fulfillment, support and so forth.

This is about the only system I know of that allows you to do that:

Seriously hear this, ONE traffic source, ONE conversion method, can literally be a 7 figure business.

There’s tons of examples out there to prove this.

For example: You see a Facebook ad for a weird fat loss trick, you click, and it takes you to a Video Sales Letter (VSL), you buy, and there will most often be 2-3 more VSL’s offering higher ticket programs congruent and complimentary to the main offer…

And then they’ll simply follow-up via email to direct you back to the VSL (or sales letter, or webinar, whatever their ONE key method is), to offer you special incentives and so forth…

Simple funnel, and if it converts well and is a nice offer, all they have to do is keep sending traffic to it, and the sales will keep piling in…

In the meantime, they’re also building up a prospect, AND buyers list, which they will be able to sell other products etc. to in the future…

Money on demand.

Ain’t that tough…

Just gotta FOCUS in and get things moving here.

I believe in you, and know you can do this…

Yet again, Economics must NOT be ignored!

Get your Economics Fix here:

Then you’ll be able to get rolling on your own easy, lucrative, and fun MTTB business, the best kind!

Talk later,
















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