mttbMTTB – The Mysterious Sticky Note – 9 Powerful Words

Today I was doing a wee bit of work from the computer, and then it happened…

A yellow sticky note fell out of nowhere onto my floor. Seriously, I have no idea where it came from. Like it was stuck somewhere under my desk or something and it finally found it’s way out…

And on this sticky note was just one ‘odd’ quote that I don’t even remember writing down.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized how incredibly powerful it was.

I also realized I must have been pretty smart to have written it down whenever I had! haha…


Here’s what it said:

“Learn To Love The Short-End Of The Stick.”

Now again, I probably heard this somewhere (Kudos to me if I thought of this myself!), but I can’t remember where, so can’t accredit it to any specific peep.

Now you may be thinking…

“Why would I want to do this!?”

And I agree.

It took me a second to really see the power of the message here.

And I think that it means we should all be doing our absolute best to over-deliver.

You give others more than you get in return…

You sell a $97 product, you give $1,000 of value.

You hop on the phone to coach somebody for an agreed upon 1 hr. You stay on 3+ hours and rock their world.


  • You give yourself the short end of the stick.
  • You put others first.
  • You massively over-deliver.

That’s what it’s all about.

Learn to LOVE doing this. (That’s important.)

Do this, and you’ll have more than you could ever imagine.

And you’ll be one loved sucker who will sleep very well at night knowing he’s out there giving his best and making a real difference.

I hope you see the power in that simple message too.

Call me crazy, but I think it’s pretty awesome-sauce.

Now in doing all this, it doesn’t mean that you’ll Sell Yourself Short. Not by any means.

You can’t help a person that’s drowning if you’re head is under water yourself.

You need to be in a good position to do this.

You need to be profitable.

Do you want to be profitable?

If so, then high ticket is the el-KEY-o. (Okay, need to brush up on my spanish.)

And this is hands down, the best way to get into the lucrative MTTB high ticket business:

Hope this helps,







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