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We all love Formulas. And when a formula works for us, it’s…



However, most of us literally want formulas to do all of the work FOR US.

And most often, it doesn’t “exactly” work quite that way. We can get a great formula, but then we have to use it.

Just like following a recipe.

There’s really no power even in a million dollar recipe until somebody starts mixing in the ingredients and cooking something!

And most often, a really killer formula requires that you do a bit of THINKING.

Sometimes, it’s thinking outside of the box, and other times, it’s surprisingly quite the opposite.

So here’s a proven formula that’s made many fortunes, online and off.

And it boils down to asking yourself these three potent questions.


In fact, if you’re ever stuck in your business, you should stop and ask yourself these questions.

1) What’s Working Now?

2) What’s Missing?

3) What’s Next?

Trust me. There is absolute power in these questions!

You can see what’s working well in your niche, OR in your own business.

Then, you’ll almost always find out what’s missing there. Sometimes it’s by asking your market questions.

I heard about a guy that did this with his supermarket. He had almost no business, but he kept asking people “what’s missing?”, and then he listened.

Pretty soon, nearly nothing was missing, and the store was a smashing success.

MTTBThen what’s next is finding the smartest way to move forward and take action on these things.

And that’s what is really cool here.

When you go through these questions, you see the path to success. Everything is clear. And taking action will be easier than you’ve ever thought possible.

Especially when at times, you’ll find that you simply need to do more of what’s working right now for you.

There was this stock trader I know of that made a call on some trades and his company took his advice, and they ended up making several hundred million from it.

The next year, he tried to find another home run, but to no avail.

He started to think that he was just a one hit wonder.

Then one day, a friend asked him “what worked before?”

MTTBSo he did exactly what he did the previous time, he followed the same process and discovered similar trends as before but in a different sector.

Again, he went to his bosses, they even played this deal bigger, and they made even more than before.

Something like a quarter billion dollars.

His cut was somewhere around $75 Million.

Not bad for a days pay.

All because he looked at what was working.

What’s missing?

What we’ve found is missing in our space is this…

People are getting leads easy enough, they’re getting sales even…

But they’re not Profiting.

MTTBAll because high ticket back-end sales are missing from their business.

And without this, it’s just too hard to have a profitable online business.

This MTTB presentation give you the easy solution:

I encourage you to take yourself through these questions and remember them forever.

They’re that powerful.

And you’ll find that the formula revealed for you in the MTTB presentation can be just as powerful as well.







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