mttbMTTB – Here’s a check for you to use [Powerful story!]

Today I was listening to an old audio where the legend Bob Proctor was telling an interesting story he had with a friend of his…

A story that’s got a very powerful lesson behind it that will help greatly in your online business.

So this buddy of his started to have some money problems.

He had his own business, and because of a strike in another company he worked with, his money wasn’t coming in.

  • His cash-flow was down…
  • Payroll was due in a few days…
  • And he was thousands short…

Now this guy really let these outside forces control his circumstances!

He had a bad attitude, so bad that his family didn’t even want to be around him.

He was very negative and all around foul acting.

So, Mr. Proctors first thought was to encourage him with a few words.

“Ah don’t worry about it! You’ll have more money then you need before you need it.”

That didn’t work. At all.

So then Bob did this…

He took out a check from an old Canadian bankbook, he signed it, and he told him to use it, if he needed to on payday if he was still short.

Now instantly this dudes whole attitude, his whole world changed! He started laughing, talking about good things and was instantly pleasant to be around.

A few weeks later, Bob stopped back by his house, the guy went to Bob and said “Here Bob, thanks very much but I didn’t need it.”

He handed Bob the check back. It had never been filled out.

Bob replied, “That’s really good Don because there wasn’t any money in it.”

Now, here’s what is so interesting and powerful about this story for us…

His financial position had not “really” improved by one cent.

But, Don “thought” it had.

Change of thought. Change of attitude.

Change of attitude. Change of income.

It was truly the behavior that came with his change of attitude that cured his money problems.

And this is why I tell so many people to never act out of Neediness.

When you’re needy, your behavior changes. People can sniff out neediness and want from a mile away.

Desperation is a repellent to cash-flow. Believe that!

When you can get yourself to act from a position of abundance like ole Don here, when you can do business with a feeling of No Need…

Then people will be attracted to you. Money will be attracted to you. And you’ll act in a way, you’ll behave in a way that will get you the results you desire.

Granted, it’s not always EASY to do this when you really do have just pennies in the bank, although this story does prove it’s totally possible.

But an even easier way and the way I recommend is to NOT be broke and in a position where you feel needy in the first place!

And the best and fastest way to get there is through MTTB High Ticket Commissions.

The successful students in MTTB act with no need unlike in any other system or business I’ve seen.


Because, when you’re getting commissions from $1k, $3k, $5k and beyond?…

Money worries isn’t an issue anymore for you.

Paying the bills, getting groceries, keeping the lights on, you never again have to worry about those things being taken care of.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite. From abundance, you’re doing nice things for your friends and family,
you’re taking vacations, all the while your income is still growing.

No need = Power.

And MTTB can get you there fast:

Hope the story and lesson resonated with ya today!

Talk later,











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