“Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. Nothing exists in isolation. We have to stop pretending we are individuals that can
go it alone.” -Margaret Wheatley

Internet Business simply rocks.

Plain and Simple.

But sometimes, people get it confused.

They’re able to work from their homes at whatever time of day they like.

They can pick up their laptop and work from coffee shops or travel the world.

And you can do this all alone.

Or can you?

Though you CAN travel and work as a one man show, nobody in this business has become successful all by themselves.

They’ve made connections, people have helped them out, mentored them, sold for them, and you always find that one person that absolutely changes your life.

They’re the SHIFT you’ve been looking for.

In short, don’t try to do this all by yourself and don’t try to succeed just by going through courses.

That doesn’t work!

It’s a start, and courses are great. But that’s just the beginning of the journey.

You can’t stop there!

And why would you want to?

We’re social creatures and whether you like it or not, human interaction and actually ‘helping’ others every day is a part of our DNA and what makes us truly happy.

This year, I want things to be different for you.

One way is to take advantage of something like MTTB:

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You get a Phone Coach, a successful mentor to teach you this business. Other students LOVE these guys and they’re the best of the best.Next, you need to dedicate time and funds to get to events like Home Business Summit:

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Live ‘in-person’ events have been the tipping point for most of the 7 figure marketer friends I have.You simply can’t beat the education, connections, and opportunities that live events provide you.And the event above has some of the best people that I know in this industry always there. You won’t regret making the decision now to be in attendance.

Let’s make this year a great one shall we?

Talk soon friend,






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