MTTBMTTB – Lessons Learned At Google HQ

Just a few weeks back, Google invited 15 of their top Adsense earners to their HQ.

Google ain’t going to take much care of you if you’re a little guy in the world of Adsense (and they’ll likely find some way to ban your account!).

But if you’re a top earner with them, oh, they’ll bend over backwards for you.

So anyways, I know one of the guys that was invited there.

He’s one of us.

Down to earth, loves marketing and business, yet he does EXTREMELY well with his Adsense sites.

Not a game I want to play, but hey, to each his own.

After a lot of conversation with other top earners, he discovered that not a single one of these guys knew ANYTHING about “Internet Marketing”.

How about SEO?


Those are all VERY foreign terms to them.

Now to me, and my buddy, there is a very powerful lesson here.

Because these guys all run Internet Businesses! But they’re not Internet Marketers.

Ask ‘em if they know of any big name “guru” and you’d get a blank stare followed by a “Who?”.

So how do these guys do it?

Where’s the lesson?

It’s this:

They focus on PROVIDING VALUE.

They know what their market wants and loves and then they give that to them. No big marketing education required.

For examples of this, you can look at a few of the top earners sites like:


(*Or do a simple Google search for Top Adsense Earners and check out their sites.)

There are a lot of examples that you can look at here, and it all points back to adding value to, entertaining, and giving these people what they want.

Now I’m not telling you to go out and get started on building an Adsense business, not by any means.

That’s a very tough and risky business to get in to.

But we can learn from their business model, that of always focusing on the value first.

And the best way that I know of that will put you in a great position to do this, is to run what we like to call a “Top Tier” business.


The presentation will reveal to you a very lucrative and “value based” business model that’s very easy to get started in.

You’ll be able to focus on the value, doing what you love, and the profits will be there.



















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