You know it’s an interesting story… Most people I see that are trying to ‘make it’ in this business go about starting things up all wrong.


For instance, they turn to extreme novices, newbies even, for start-up advice.

You can see this by spending 5 minutes over there at the Worry’er Forum…

Innocent folks seriously trying to build up a real business are sadly getting lot’s of bad advice from the likes of 45 year old men living in their mammy’s basement.

Playing like they’re some big ‘goo-roo’…

It’s the blind leading the blind.

MTTBWhy not for a change, look at businesses that you can see are obviously successful (MTTB) and see if you can model anything they’re doing yourself?

I’m talking about million dollar a year companies.

Billion dollar a year companies.

Ambitious start-ups that are obviously going places.

People in the game DOING IT and it’s clearly obvious that they are.

Take the big behemoths Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook for example.

Lot’s to learn looking at what they ‘do’.

And it’s not going to even cost you anything.

Here’s one immediate take-away for you I noticed by examining these companies recently:

  • Look at Google’s home-page and business on launch date.
  • Do the same with Facebook.
  • And then look at what their home-page looks like today.

What do you notice?

MTTBMassive changes. Thousands of updates and new releases. Millions of split-tests, improvements and design updates…

They’re constantly doing things differently and breaking new ground.

What do we learn from this?

Business is NEVER stagnant, you’re never done. You’re either moving forward and keeping with the times or you’re dead.

Obviously, this takes a staff, and a LOT of work to do this. And once again, it never stops. That’s why you need to love this industry or whatever it is you do.

And it’s why I like to partner myself up with companies that are willing to do all the hard stuff like this FOR ME, (like MTTB).

Because I do love this industry, but I do not want a huge staff, payroll, and to always have to have my mind and business moving forward and up to date with the times knowing if I don’t I’m dead meat.

MTTBThat is what is so awesome about MTTB:

You’ve got a 7 figure a month business.

It’s growing rapidly.

And they’re tirelessly, in the trenches, daily, testing, tweaking, and making this system better and more profitable for it’s members (MTTB).

You can do this all yourself yes, but be willing to put in steady 16 hr. days for at least 2 years. You’ve got to be focused.

You have to be willing to lock yourself in a room and put off everything else off for a long time. And let’s face it, that’s not most of us…

But that’s exactly what it will take.

Or, you can leave that for someone else to do, and you simply leverage their vision and drive and profit quite handsomely from it in the process.

Take the easy route now by clicking the link below:

80/20 at it’s best baby.Talk later,








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