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Let’s paint a picture of a very real scenario for you today…

  • What’s the best type of people to market to?
  • Buyers or Freebie Seekers?
  • People that have put their hands up, or that have their hands down?

If you were selling arrowheads and Indian artifacts to people, would you rather sell to your whole city
and have to pay a cost for each mailing, or would you rather sell to only people that are subscribed to Indian Artifacts and Arrowheads Monthly?

Or what if they were subscribed to the Arrowhead Buyers Guide?

  • One’s hyper-targeted…
  • The other is hyper-NON-targeted…

That’s the true beauty of running an online business.

One that most people don’t get. And, it’s got it’s upsides AND downsides.

For example:

Let’s just say you are promoting an online business opportunity that you’re involved in and a true believer in.

You can easily head over to Facebook and hyper-target people to advertise to.

mttbThese people may be fans of certain fan pages like Success Inc., Robert Kiyosaki, they may be in groups like Internet Marketing for Newbies, Home Based Business for Moms, and so forth…

There’s literally thousands of them to market to. And you can narrow the target market down as much as you want to.

Literally, you could advertise to 1 Person that you wanted to get their attention if you wanted to…

And, you can even advertise Per Click, meaning you only pay when somebody shows interest and clicks on your link and actually sees your page.

You can also advertise via Solo Ads.

This means that you can advertise in peoples email newsletters.

And if you do your homework, many of these subscribers will be BUYERS included in this newsletter owners list!

Either way, it’s usually hyper targeted to your market.

So you may pay $100 to access 200-250 of this persons list who will click through and see your lead capture page…

Most of us get this right?

mttbBut here’s where things get very interesting…

And it’s ironically why some people say ridiculous things like ‘solo ads don’t work’.

Let’s say you advertise on one of these networks.

Only a small percentage of them will be Buyers of YOUR product within the next 30-45 days. (Massive tip. You need to follow-up 45+ days!)

So let’s say that’s just 2-3%.

So you do a little marketing and get a 2-3% response, which equates to 5-6 sales for you…


If you’re like most, and smart, after your killer lead magnet offer, which will be free, you’ll follow-up with a lower ticket offer from $7.00- 49.00

So let’s take the higher ground here at $47.

$47 @ 6 sales = $282.00.

Now if you’re doing this every day, that’s not too bad a payday right? Especially if you can scale this up!

But wait!! (Love it when I get the chance to say that.)

We’ve forgot our advertising costs!…

With Solo Ads, we may have had to pay $200-$250 for these leads.

With FB, we might find ourselves in a similar ballpark or worse!…

So now…

We’re spending let’s say $250.

Now we’re only making $32.00 profit a day, “if” we’re lucky.

That’s not too much to be excited about.

All that work and effort to make what we could easily make just chilling at our J-O-B an extra hour or two…

And that’s really best case. Most folks are losing money whenever they advertise.

So what’s missing here?

How are the big dogs doing it?

mttbHere’s how:

  • They understand the Economics of their business. That’s what counts. What if a part of your business structure had higher ticket offers integrated in? And you knew that every 6th sale on average would yield you a $1,000 profit? Now your $32.00 profit turns into $1,032.00.

And what if you had an even more premium offer for your really serious peeps that gave you a $5k profit all while giving them exactly what THEY needed?

And you know from your numbers that every 3rd $1,000 sale will also see the value in your premium offer…

Now you’re at $6,032.00.

And… all this is basically automated.

That’s how you make this online business work for you instead of the other way around.

That’s how you do paid media in 2014 and beyond.

And that’s how you can get out of the rat race and live the life of your dreams.

Sound hard?

Well, it doesn’t have to be – not at all!

You just need the right system and offers to promote to make this all easy peezy for ya.

mttbAnd low and behold, you can get just such a thing right here with MTTB:

Watch the presentation, keep the thoughts of this email in mind, and let’s get you rolling in the dough.

Talk soon,


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