mttbMTTB – How To Harness The Power Of RITUALS…

Have you ever been absolutely amazed at how much some marketers seem to get done? Some of these guys are nearly launching a new product or other launch of some sort nearly every week! And many of these folks I’ve seen go from Zero to 7 Figures. (zero to hero as they say…) Whilst others started at the same exact time they did, and have only a teeny fraction of the results…

And many of these that couldn’t cut it are now back at their 9 to 5’s… (tisk…tisk..)

Are these successful folks robots?

Are they workaholics with no life?

Are they better than us?…

No doubt they work hard, but I think it really boils down to them having this…


Every great and successful person has them.

I know artists that have to listen to music. Once they kick on the hard rock, something shifts.

It’s game time for them.

They’re in the zone.

I know a lady that works out everyday, even when she doesn’t want to.

She wakes around 5 am, and hails a Taxi.

That’s her ritual.

When she’s in that Taxi, there’s no turning back. The workouts gonna happen.

I know of another 7 figure a month marketer that get in his car, he stops at the same gas station and grabs the same coffee every morning, right before he settles in at his office and gets at it.

That’s his ritual.

I could go on and on here, but the point is, you need a ritual to get you into a daily state of flow.

That’s how you get a lot of work done each day. It’s how you work literally hours and it feels like you’ve only been at it for mere minutes.

Our rituals are very different for each one of us, so you’ll have to perform some self thought, maybe do a little research and testing, in order to find yours.

But believe me, it’s WELL worth it.

Virgil Cook
  P.S. If you can get into the ritual of putting just a bit of time into this business model each week, you’ll have a very nice spare income on your hands, even up to 6+ figures if you really get at it.
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