MTTB – Here’s to Higher Quality PROBLEMS… [You’ll want these!]

I think for most of us as humans, we’re always trying to get ahead to the next step. And oftentimes, this makes us always feel behind because we accomplish something, and then we say ‘what’s next?’.

We’re almost never happy, never content… ‘IF’ we go about our life that way…

So I think it’s smart and healthy to stop for a brief moment and appreciate where you’re at.

Be thankful for what you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come, because likely, no matter how UNhappy of a state you might feel you’re currently in…

There is someone else far worse off and much less fortunate than you.

This got me thinking about the good old Employee days…

Though I’ve always been thankful for any work I’ve had, man!… I remember the get paid by the hour mess… the getting overlooked for promotions I deserved…

And when the hard-earned raise came along it would be as little as $0.50 cents to $1.00! Wow! That’s the way to wealth right?


Anyhoo… I was just thinking about this stuff, and how things are really all about perspective.

Sure, working this type of businesses can have it’s own challenges, however, it’s nothing compared to being tied to a job you don’t like, or a life you don’t want.

You get a ‘set of better problems’ as they say… Collecting affiliate commission checks, setting up a profitable campaign that may have a few hiccups in it and so forth…

A promotion that only makes you $15,000 in a month when you had calculated that it would make you $30,000.

A higher and better set of problems to have right?!

Every now and then if I get just too caught up in things I have to stop and really realize how fortunate I am being my own boss, and living an incredible life on MY terms.

I hope you’re a kindred soul that wants to live life on YOUR terms too…

If that’s you, if you’ve got a bit of drive, and are serious, then this MTTB system can definitely help you get to where you want to go just as it has for myself:

So although I think it’s important to appreciate what you’ve got and to be grateful for it…

I also understand being unhappy in a certain job, environment, and wanting better for you and your family and your families family!

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