MTTBMTTB – A Powerful Cognitive Re-frame For You…

Are you familiar with Cognitive Re-framing?

It’s powerful stuff.

In basic terms, Cognitive Re-framing is taking a way of viewing things or experiencing something, and finding a more positive experience.

It’s realizing and “creating” a change of perspective.

Cognitive Re-framing was developed in the 60′s by a doctor helping depressed patients.

By helping them to shift their mindsets and way of viewing things to the positive, many of the patients depression disappeared completely.

Of course, there are MANY applications for us to use this technique, including in our businesses.

Now, if you have tried to start any business online before, you have probably experienced some type of resistance.

Some type of Fear. (Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real)

Stress even.

It’s inevitable right?

We do something new, foreign, and we don’t see all of the steps clearly in front of us before we put our foot forward, and we’re going to experience some discomfort and stress.

So how can we change things around here for us?

Lot’s of ways I guess, regarding how you could personally re-frame this for the better; as what works for me, may not work for you.

However, here’s one powerful way I’ll share with you right now:

The physical effects of stress almost identically mirror the physical effects of courage!

So if you’re feeling stress, or resistance from any situation (like taking action in your business), you can immediately re-frame it.

Your body is getting ready to do courage, it’s not feeling stress!

And here’s one of my favorite techniques that goes right along with this:

Researchers (and myself!) have found that you do much better when you appraise a stressful situation, or something uncomfortable, as a challenge, not a threat.

So let’s say you find a system that you want to try out online that looks promising.

There are some action steps to take, and some of them are not hard, but just uncomfortable. You are a bit fearful because you have never done anything like this before.

Now you may go in thinking if you do the steps and don’t succeed, that YOU’RE a failure.

And who wants to be a failure?


However, what if you viewed it as a challenge?

What if you viewed it as an experiment?

Or, what if you viewed it as if you were testing the system? Not your skills, the system.

So if it does fail, you didn’t fail. The SYSTEM did!

Listen I don’t know if this stuff is hitting home for you or not, but the way we view things is oh so important.

And just creating a little change of perspective can be a literal game changer for us in our business, and life for that matter.

Give it a try.

Seriously do it, and I guarantee you some powerful things will happen.

You can use this in ALL areas of your life, very VERY powerfully.

So I’m not for sure if you’re a member of MTTB or not.

If not, and if you’re holding back because you think you’ll fail or that it won’t work, why not give it a try?


Again, come in from the frame of giving “the system” a try.

I think you’ll do quite well with this IF you follow the steps, but if not, at least you gave the system a go.

It does not mean YOU failed, and on the flip side, if the MTTB system does not work for you, you’ll see a pretty bold guarantee during the presentation in the link above that still puts you in the profits.

Either way, use this re-framing technique in whatever you’re doing right now.

Hope this all helps,

















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