MTTBMTTB – A KEY Money-Getting Concept For 2014…

If you have paid attention to the marketplace recently, you’ll see that digital media is a BIG DEAL:

  • Digital Downloads…
  • E-Books…
  • Video Courses…
  • Online Tutorials…
  • Podcasts…
  • Video and Audio Streaming…

(In fact, BEATS was just acquired by Apple for several Billion. For the brand name yes, but also for rights to their Audio Streaming Capabilities…)

All of these things you ‘used’ to only see in niche markets or being sold by online marketers like us.

Now, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry and major corporations are in the game.

MTTBThis means that advertising and marketing competition out there has become…


Just 5 years or so ago, things weren’t like this.

You could easily enter into a niche market, start testing and tweaking a few ads to your ideal customer, and you’d be making a nice profit within days or weeks.

Then, you simply scale your ad spend up, and your profits would increase right along side with it.

Now, advertising costs don’t allow that. SEO is about as shaky and risky as ever….

We’re just playing a different game these days. A game you need to be hip to if you want to make a nice income online, and trust me…

It is still 110%, totally possible, yes, even EASY to do so!

MTTBIn my opinion, this is one of the last and only ways to get rich, or make a great income online right now.

Times may change, but right now, this is how I see things…

The profits are all in the back-end.

Without an incredible back-end business in place, you’re Toast.

And not just your average up-sells and additional products to offer either…

I’m talking High Ticket/Top Tier product offerings.

It’s the best way to counter balance the rising costs of advertising and the influx of competition we’re seeing right now.

e.g.: If you’re spending $150 to acquire a $49 sale, things aren’t looking too great for you.

However, if you’re spending $150 to acquire a $49 sale, and on an average at every 5th sale you get a $1,000 + commission on the back-end…

Now the game has totally changed for you!

You’d be begging for $150, $250+ buyers when before they would be killing your business…

Does all of that make sense?

I hope so.

It’s a KEY concept to “get”.


If running a low-risk, high profit business like this interests you, then check out the MTTB top tier business model here:

Watch the video presentation, take notes, and then make a vow to get started with MTTB ASAP.

You can literally be making $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 commissions in just a few short weeks from now IF you’re really serious about this and ready to roll.

Talk later!






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