MTTBMTTB – 6 Profit-Boosters For Your Business!

U.S. Navy Seal Troop Commander Randy Hetrick was deployed in Asia with a mission on hold.

He wanted to maintain his conditioning, but with no training facilities, he did not have a clue of how to really do it.


He started experimenting.

First, he discovered a jujitsu belt in his backpack. Attaching it to a door he found that he could do a variety of exercises.

But he wanted more!

So he kept on experimenting. Nylon webbing from parachutes, stitching on Y shaped handles for grips, he tested everything he could think of.

He was like freakin’ MacGyver or something.

And pretty soon, he had a mobile contraption that you could perform a near endless array of exercise moves on and get a really great full-body workout.

He called it “The Gizmo”, and others on the SEAL team loved using it too.

Some 17 years later, and “the gizmo” is now called TRX.

And his company does over $50 million a year in sales.

Yep. A $50 million dollar company, built out of straps!

Recently he was interviewed on how he did it, and how others can get similar results.

He revealed his strategy in these 6 Tips:

1) Dive In Deep.

If you’re going to build a business. Then be in it to win it. Go all in. Believe in what you’re selling and doing, and get it into as many hands in your target market as you possibly can.

2) Test and Tweak.

He had to redo his design at least 50 times. The 49 designs that did not work were not failures, they were the best education you could get. Not failures. *Learning Experiences*.

As you test and tweak, you need input from others to help you out, no matter how good you are. A buddy, a coach, make sure you get feedback from others.

3) Find Shortcuts

He made his first products with a $39 sewing machine. It does not take a big budget to make big bucks. Get creative, find shortcuts to help you succeed without all the risk.

4) Create A Movement.

Creating a movement can make your product go viral literally overnight. TRX got on workout DVD’s. They created a TRX certification program, and pretty soon, trainers from around the globe were creating and sharing their own TRX workouts.

5) Hone Your Message

Perfect your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). That’s what helped TRX explode. It was their slogan. It set them apart.

“Make Your Body Your Machine.”

He marketed it as “a gym in your backpack”.


6) Keep Innovating

Today, TRX has 110 employees and annual revenues over $50 million.

Yet, they never stop innovating and growing. And neither should you.

Alrightee, some killer strategies there on how Randy took his business from just an idea to a $50 million business!

Now I didn’t clearly point out today on how each point will specifically help you in your own Online Business.

But trust me…

They Will.

So, I want YOU to do that. That way it will be much more powerful for you.

Doing all of this does require some work, as you can see, he wasn’t an overnight success story. And I DO encourage you to do some type of work like this. It’s a lot of fun, yet again, not always easy albeit.

However, not all of us WANT to do that, OR have the time of day to. We’re all pretty busy as it is, right!?

That’s why I recommend you get involved in something like MTTB:

They’re doing all of the 6 essential things above that we just mentioned.

And what rocks for you, is you don’t have to do any of this yourself!

You simply partner up with MTTB as a “Licensee” and you literally jump past a 5+ year learning curve and you arrive straight at the profits.

Hope you can check it out!

Take care,























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