mttbMTTB – Tiny action yields big rewards [Will you do it?]

There’s a story about five frogs that are sitting on a log.

Four decide to jump off.

How many are left?

Take your time.

No rush here.

How many are left?

The answer is five.

Why’s that you say? Because, four frogs “decided” to jump off.

And that’s all they did.

And there is a VERY big difference between deciding to do something, and actually doing it.

You can decide to invest in a course that teaches you how to make $400.00 a day.

That doesn’t mean you’ll make $400.00 a day.

Not unless you take action.

You can decide to drop a few pounds of fat and get in shape. You may even get a gym membership.

That doesn’t mean you’ll lose any weight.

It’s all about the action.

That’s what I’m all about helping others do.

Taking action that will lead to incredible life changes that you desire and need.

And so it’s very important to never confuse consumption with production. Deciding with Action.

If you’re truly ready to jump off the log, then this can be a presentation of transformation for you:

And that jump doesn’t have to be painful and scary.

In fact it shouldn’t be ‘too’ difficult to take action, especially that first action.

A little uncomfortable, sure.

Just decide what tiny action you will take today to move one step closer towards achieving your ideal lifestyle and income (MTTB).

And then take it (MTTB).



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