Momentum – Why The First 10% Is Really The First 50%

Do you know anyone who writes for a living? If you do, read them this Greek proverb and watch as they nod their head…

“The beginning is half of every action.”

The writer will nod his head because he knows that first step, the beginning of the writing, is far and away the most important step. Far more important than the fraction of actual time it takes compared to the rest of the work”.

For example, if a writer has to write 10,000 words, the first sentence is half of the project.

Even if that sentence is only 20 words long. It’s still half the work.

The reason is because the momentum of beginning carries you through at least the first half of the task.

Momentum, getting over the inertia of beginning, is half of every action.

Sometimes we look at a project that has, for example, 21 steps, and we think “If I get started on the first step, I’ll only be 1/21th of the way done. I’ll still have 20 out of 21 steps to complete, so I’ll still have 20/21 or about 95% of the task still to complete”.

But the proverb, and reality, tell us this is not true. BEGINNING that first step is actually 50% of the action… and the remaining 20 steps are simply another 50%.

The momentum of beginning is half the effort you need to exert to get to the level of success you want to achieve.

When will you begin?

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