Copywriting Checklist to Success


As a copywriter, sometimes after you have written an article you’re not exactly sure if it’s ready. But, if you don’t have a list of items to look for or to jazz up your article, you won’t know what exactly your article is missing. So, let’s make up a quick checklist that you can refer to when writing your own articles.

1.    Do you have a testimonial? Those can be a great way to instill good will and faith in your readers if you have a testimonial from one of the business’s “delighted” customers. The more information that you have in that testimonial, the better.

2.    Did you get a chance to reaffirm the sell, by encouraging them to order at that moment in the hopes of a bonus? If you can, the extra offer can mean the difference in a sale and an attempt.

3.    Have you honestly kept the interest of your reader? The only way to check this is to leave the piece alone for a little while and read it over to see if you honestly have information presented in a manner that is interesting. Can you see the benefits of purchasing the products? There’s nothing worse than losing a reader’s interest so you can’t sell the product you’re promoting.

4.    Do you honestly feel like your piece is strictly focused on your reader? Does it feel as though the reader will understand what’s in it for them by the end of the article, or have you spun off-course somewhere? You want them to feel like receiving the product will be of a benefit to them.

5.    How easy to read is your article? Too many unusual words that make it unclear can turn off your reader as well. And if you have a word that needs to be in the article that isn’t clearly understood, make sure you explain it on your own.

6.    Any sentences that can obviously be trimmed? Or maybe you can explain a sentence just a little more concisely to give it some power and effect.

7.    Have you checked your formatting? If you need to highlight or bold your keywords, make sure you have that taken care of.

8.    Is your headline the greatest hook you could have for your topic? Even if it isn’t the greatest hook, is it strong and clear? It’s never too late to give your headline a quick look.









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