Here is a visualization of the steps to build a 17′ 3″ Micmac Canoe…

For Sale – 17′ 3″ Micmac Canoe

I built this 17′ 3″ Micmac Canoe back in 2001 and have only used it about three times. I used it once with my son right after it was finished and once a short time later with my brother.

When I originally built my Micmac Canoe, I was planning on building a few and selling them, but I decided not to do that and have kept this one.

Since i was planning on building and selling a few Micmac canoes, I did not originally put a keel on this canoe. The reason for that was if someone wanted a canoe they could use in a river or stream, it was best not to have a keel.

I have only used this Micmac canoe in lakes and I have found that it performs better with a keel since I just put a keel on this past winter. Oh, did I tell you this cedar strip Micmac Canoe only weighs a whopping 60 pounds? Yep that’s all.

I just took my canoe out for the first time with its new keel this past weekend. I love the high lakes with their clear water where you can see all the way to the bottom… I went to Waldo Lake which sits at about 6200 feet and has some awesome scenery that is undisturbed since Waldo Lake is in a Wilderness area.

Check out a couple pictures of Waldo Lake…










It was a quiet peaceful time. There is nothing that compares to a quiet morning or evening with nothing else around you except for nature and a Micmac canoe of your own. This canoe is designed to carry a payload of approximately 1200 pounds and only weighs 60 pounds…

Camping and fishing gear or whatever for a quick or slow trip across one of these beautiful lakes for a private day or even a few nights where you can only access from boat or lots of hiking.

Which would you rather do?

Take a leisurely paddle to a quiet little lagoon with all your gear along for the ride, or how about a hike for 2-3 hours with only what you can carry…?

Speaking of camping, I carried my Micmac canoe into Charnelton Lake which is about a couple hundred yards to get to, for a quiet day. Here are a few pictures: Micmac Canoe

Micmac Canoe








Micmac Canoe

I know which way I would choose.

I have assembled a video of some of the steps involved in the building of my Micmac Canoe for your viewing pleasure:



When I originally built my Micmac Canoe, I was going to be using it with my family and one of the reasons why I have not used it more than a few times is because I don’t have the family setting anymore and so when I decide to take it out I am usually by myself. I love the free time I have and the ability to just take off and go anytime I want with things like my Micmac Canoe…

Although it is easy to handle by one person, it is just not as much fun as with a family. Because of this I am wanting to sell my 17′ 3″ Micmac Canoe to someone that can use it and take proper care of it. This would be awesome for a family that enjoys the outdoors and the quiet of an early morning paddle…or to watch a beautiful sunset from a vantage point that nobody else has in the evening…

For more information regarding how you can own this Micmac Canoe, watch the video and my contact information is at the end…shoot me an email at, or give me a call at 541-913-2340…

Micmac Canoe













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