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How many times have you been told that it’s easy to make money online?

How about the number of times you have heard or read testimonials from people claiming that they made some incredible amount of money in some crazy short time frame?

The truth of the matter is that over 97% of those who attempt to make money online, fail because they don’t have a big enough pool of people (leads) that trust them enough to give them their hard earned money for whatever is being offered.

There is one thing that every single successful Internet Marketer has and that is A List of people who know them and trust them. The bigger their list, the more money they make

In fact, most Internet gurus spend most of their time generating their list by giving away free products, services, or information. They then do everything possible to earn the trust of the people on the list.

Building an effective list requires a complex system that finds prospective list members, contacts them, shows them an offer, tracks to people who express an interest in the offer, then segments them into a powerful message series that introduces you, gives more information about your offer, builds trust, and ultimately closes the sale.

Putting a system like M&G together is the key to massive success no matter what you are offering and that’s where we come in.

If you want to have any chance of long term success on the Internet you must have your own opt in list.

If you ask any successful Internet marketer they will tell you that their most important tool is their list. In fact, almost 90% of their efforts go towards growing their list.


To answer this question I want to give you a pretty staggering statistic…

97% of those who try to make money online fail. They fail because they can’t reach anyone other than their immediate friends and family. Relationships are destroyed and dreams are lost because of this failure.

On the other hand, with a properly built opt in list you are practically guaranteed success in almost any business you start online.

With an opt in list you can…

  • Sell your products online
  • Build a downline
  • Sell advertising
  • Get donations for a charity
  • Spread a message
  • Anything else you can imagine

The fact of the matter is that the amount of success you have online will be exactly proportionate to the size of your opt in list.

The problem has always been and will continue to be the fact that building a list has always required a ton of expertise in design, implementation, copywriting and worst of all, a LOT of money for traffic.

Not anymore…

M&G has made it possible for even the newest of newbies to effectively build a responsive, opt in list with absolutely zero experience and extremely minimal capital.

You can start to build your list and your income in the next 5 minutes by joining me in M&G for less than $50.

Let Us Build Your List For You Right Here & Right Now:

You will not make a more important decision in the rest of your Internet career than the one you will make now.

Are you ready to succeed?

See You At The Top,






Virgil Cook


If you already have a business, this is the perfect marketing machine for it. I’ll tell you how in my next message.







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